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Searching for a strategic marketing partner? Learn how we bundle services to increase quality online leads and sales for your business


We help HVAC businesses, electricians, cleaning companies, and other contractors create powerful marketing strategies & manage all things digital.

With your HVAC expertise or home service offerings, you’ve built a business that’s dedicated to providing exceptional services your neighbors can rely on. Leverage Data Driven Marketers’ (DDM) home services marketing solutions to ensure your neighbors know all about your HVAC or home services, can find you online (Google Maps, to start!), and turn to you first when they need assistance. DDM’s home services marketing packages help HVAC businesses, housekeepers, pest control companies, and other contractors drive phone calls and clicks to their website.

Businesses we’ve impacted

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Home services marketing in 2024: What your contracting company can do

Customer trust is everything in 2024. You spend the time to conduct and verify background checks on your employees—the world needs to know that! Your efforts to provide a great customer experience also needs to be shared, and the great sales journey needs to begin on your site.

Using your mobile-friendly and accessible website as the trusty vehicle to attract and pick up new customers is what all contracting companies need to do. More than 80% of consumers research a company’s online presence before becoming a customer, and 77% of all internet traffic comes from a mobile device. ↗

Discover what it takes to propel your contracting company into the digital spotlight in 2024 and beyond! From maintaining brand consistency across platforms to mastering the art of engaging customers through content, DDM’s tailored web strategies are built to help your business succeed.

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How we've made market leaders in home services & tips for your business

Consistent branding online & in print materials

  • Think about how you’re using your logos, imagery, and graphics.

Investment in local SEO

  • Marry your efforts on Google Business Profile (Google Maps), Apple Business Connect (Apple Maps), and the website to target the same service regions.

Regular interactions with existing customers

  • Think about the type of information you would want to see as a customer, collect feedback, and tailor your messaging to meet your customers’ needs.

Usage of various social media content types that lead people to your site

  • Consider using static posts, stories, short form videos, and image carousels over the next four weeks.
  • Trust the social media algorithm-qualified site traffic > a target number of likes or comments.

These strategies have helped many of our clients find success in digital marketing. Schedule a free consulting session with DDM to hear our recommended marketing priorities for your business based on data, and to learn more about these tactics.

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What to include on your refreshed home services website to drive more calls

A seamless user experience online

  • Easily book appointments
  • Speak to a human (if necessary)
  • Pay invoices

Brand interactions that are the same on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device

Customer service and warranty support that’s easy to navigate and understand

A modern approach that includes educational information as well as fair and transparent service pricing

How Data Driven Marketers makes websites work

We bring a human touch to a tried-and-tested strategy. We’ve seen every type of service business website imaginable, and we have the hands-on knowledge and experience to make recommendations that make sense for your specific business and needs.

We ensure consistent and ongoing SEO optimization of new website content. This keeps your website fresh for customers and for Google’s ranking algorithm.

Our website templates are always designed to be ADA compliant and mobile responsive so you know that your business is fully accessible on the web.

We use user-friendly tools and systems to ensure your team can manage on-the-fly updates, if needed.

We drive digital marketing results for home service businesses

Digital marketing results for home service businesses are more than just numbers; they’re about real impact. If you’re not seeing the increased leads you desire, it’s time for a tailored home services marketing strategy that works for you. Partner with DDM to experience increased phone calls, amplified website traffic, and active social media engagement that elevates your brand’s visibility. An effective digital marketing strategy will also reduce your print marketing and radio ads spending and give your business more marketing flexibility to find your customers in the online spaces they’re already in.

If your HVAC business, landscaping company, housekeeping, or pest control service hasn’t seen results in a year or more, it doesn’t mean marketing can’t work for you. It just means you need a data-driven strategy!

In addition to providing your company with a strategic marketing approach, DDM will manage content and regular posting. On average, it takes 2–3 months of regular posting and developing effectively optimized content to see an ROI on your SEO & digital marketing investment. Here’s what regular posting looks like by platform:

  • Web pages should be refreshed every 2–3 years.
  • New blog posts should be published at least monthly.
  • Social media posts should be published at least three times per week.
  • Google Business Profile updates should be published daily.
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Experience a return on your home services marketing investment

A good strategy means nothing if you don’t have the data to back it up! At DDM, we use data as the guiding light to inform a customized marketing strategy that will grow your home service business. By leveraging comprehensive data analysis, we identify areas for improvement, hone in on your target audience, uncover valuable trends for customer interaction, and determine the most impactful methods to enhance the overall customer experience. With our expertise and data-driven approach, we ensure that every aspect of your marketing efforts is optimized for success.

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Marketing pricing options

Grow your online phone calls, form submissions, chats, and other leads

Expand your reach and meet annual growth and revenue targets by generating leads with Data Driven Marketers. Our monthly marketing program is flexible to the needs of your business but stays focused on 2–3 specific and direct marketing goals throughout the year.

$2,500–$7,500 minimum monthly investment

  • Best for
    • Established HVAC and home service businesses
    • Contractors with growth initiatives to drive more leads
  • What you get
    • Dedicated project manager
    • Google Maps and Apple Maps management
    • Blog management
    • Website and service page management
    • Monthly strategy meetings
    • Quarterly HVAC marketing plans
    • Custom reporting dashboard
    • Monthly marketing reports
  • Cancellation & terms
    • No long term contract, 30-day cancellation notice required
    • Time can be flexible to accommodate challenges or urgent needs for your marketing
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Launch or refresh your website with optimizations and customizations that drive ROI

To maintain relevance for both customers and search engines, your website content should be thoroughly reviewed and refreshed at least every 2–3 years. Investing in a fresh website isn’t just about keeping up appearances—it’s about embracing innovation and using data to outperform your competition.

$10,000-$70,000 one-time investment with payment installation options available

  • Best for
    • Established or new home service businesses
    • Any website that’s more than 3 years old
    • Contractors looking for self-managed website options
  • Your new website
    • Built in WordPress, Bricks theme
    • 12–70 pages (pricing begins at $10,000 for 12 web pages; the price increases by number of pages added)
    • Revamped content for 6+ services
    • ADA compliant
    • Mobile friendly
    • Keyword research & SEO migration
  • Launch timeline & specs
    • Launch 2-3 months after virtual kickoff meeting
    • Hosting, domain, and SSL fees covered for 1 year
    • No recurring website fees outside of tool licenses
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Custom services

Need a custom quote for HVAC, landscaping, or other home services marketing solutions? DDM is a full-service agency specializing in home services marketing. Schedule a free consulting call today to see how we can help your business generate more calls, website clicks, and social media engagement.

Achieve home services marketing success with Data Driven Marketers

Data Driven Marketers has a proven track record of helping optimize the sales funnel for HVAC service providers to see an increase in local visibility, website clicks, and service phone calls. Our approach is driven by real data specific to your business and service area. With DDM, you get a team of home services marketing experts dedicated to identifying where and how your marketing budget is best spent and crafting a strategy that delivers results.

How we’ll work together

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We’ll start with a strong project kickoff.

  • We learn all the ins and outs of your business and brand.
  • We clearly discuss project plans, deliverables, and timelines.
  • We provide expectations for you and for us to ensure accountability is always top of mind.
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We’ll host productive check-in meetings to adjust our strategy as needed.

  • We meet regularly (at least monthly) to make sure we’re on the same page and to grow our trust and camaraderie as partners.
  • We’ll talk about what’s working (and what isn’t!).
  • We’ll make adjustments to our strategy or project plans.
  • We’ll ensure we have a way to track the success of our adjustments.
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We’ll review data reporting to track the ROI on your marketing investment and to celebrate success.

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Home services marketing FAQs

How much should I expect to spend on home services marketing?

A small to medium-sized home service business should dedicate about 2–9% of its annual revenue to marketing. If the business is looking to create sustained growth, the percentage is a little higher. That’s a significant expense—which is why having a clear, data-driven home services marketing strategy is so crucial. DDM takes a deep dive into the data and develops a plan that’s customized to your specific growth goals.

How does data relate to marketing? What does DDM track?

Data in marketing provides us with insight related to what your customers are doing and if they’re responding to our marketing in the way we strategize for. While data may seem intimidating or boring, we aim to make it approachable, insightful, and actionable, even for non-marketers. Home services businesses that partner with DDM receive regular marketing reporting and hands-on help with understanding what the data means.

Here are some of the standard metrics you can count on DDM to track for your business:

  • Phone calls made from your website, Google Business Profile, or social media profiles
  • Form submissions, chats, downloads, and/or specific link clicks
  • Engagements with social media posts
  • Reviews and average response times for Google Business profiles and Apple Business Connect
  • And more!

With access to the type of data that’s necessary to make informed marketing decisions and a strategic marketing team like Data Driven Marketers on your side, your home service business is sure to thrive in the digital space.

What does it mean to be ADA compliant?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates public accommodations for people with disabilities. The internet is now our most prominent public space, and it requires easy and universal access. Efforts to enhance digital accessibility benefit everyone, including those without disabilities, by improving usability and user experience. An exceptional website is impactful, streamlined, captivating, error-tolerant, and easy to navigate. If your website is easy for all visitors to use, they’re more likely to stay and engage with your content.

Why should my website be mobile friendly?

Nearly 50% of US web traffic ↗ comes from a mobile device. It’s important for users to have an equally good experience accessing your website on any type of device (desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile) to ensure you’re not losing user engagements.

What is keyword research & SEO migration, and why is it important to my website?

Keyword research involves reviewing and ranking industry-specific terms and phrases with a goal of identifying keywords that are commonly searched and have a low keyword difficulty (i.e., limited online competition). Using our MarTech tools, DDM helps businesses select keywords that their users are searching for every day and incorporates these seamlessly across your website, directory listings, and social media profiles.

SEO migration is a process that, when implemented correctly, ensures you don’t lose any of your search engine visibility as a result of website changes. Maintaining and growing your rankings and traffic is one of DDM’s specialities!