What does white label marketing mean?

Here’s the shortest explanation possible: White label marketing is when you sell outsourced marketing services as your own. With Data Driven Marketers, you can feel confident that you’re not working with overseas providers or marketers who really have no idea what they’re doing. Our fully remote team is US based and has years of proven experience. And although a few people say white labeling is “dirty,” we’re quite proud to offer fully transparent white label services. Why? Sales isn’t our expertise. We like working with skilled professionals to offer digital marketing solutions.

Why do we need white label marketing services?

There are a variety of reasons why an agency would consider white label marketing services through an outsourced provider, but we understand that your situation is unique. Talk to our team about why you’re searching for an outsourcer and what you’re looking for. Here are the most common reasons companies choose to outsource their marketing services:

  • It’s quicker and easier (and cheaper!) than finding an in-house marketer.
  • It’s easy to brand and price to your own standards.
  • It increases your service offerings without shifting anything internally.
  • It saves the business time and money. Onboarding and training a new employee is not cheap. Plus, do you know how expensive research and development is?
  • Bidding on new marketing clients can take hours, if not weeks, of un-billable time. And let’s not even talk about the price of martech software and subscriptions.
  • It allows businesses to focus on what they do best. As your partner in marketing, we help expand your business’s core competencies without demanding more from you.
  • “Going to market” can happen faster with an experienced provider.
  • Finding true digital marketing experts can be difficult; a white-label digital marketing provider will come with proven results and successes that you can share with your client base.

Will you communicate with our clients?

How we communicate is completely up to you! Here are some models that we’re currently following:

  • No contact. We submit all information and resources directly to a member on your team. Need help understanding reports? Drafting an email? We’re here for you.
  • Contact on demand. Use us, abuse us. We don’t care. Let us be your stand-in expert on calls and as necessary. We won’t email or message the client directly, but we will participate in meetings. If you provide us with an @yourcomanydomain.com email, we’ll use this inbox to review client emails.
  • Contact with rules. Maybe marketing isn’t your expertise but it’s important that you’re fully connected with the campaign. We’ll plan to manage all communication, but we’ll take questions and deliverables directly to you for your review before sharing them with the client.
  • Full management. Is digital marketing not your thing? Let us take the reins. Our project managers will work with your team to design a communication flow that works for you and your clients. We’ll email and schedule meetings from an @datadrivenmarketers.com address, but we’ll position our brand as a sister company or a direct extension. This model does not require any approvals from your team.

How exactly would our relationship work?

Think of us as your marketing department. We’re not sitting in the same space or office as you, but we’re here at the ring of a phone or swoosh of an email. We’ll answer questions from anyone at your company — from executive leadership to your graphic design team and to HR and billing. Any client time is billable, but general discussion between our two teams is non-billable.

How will we make money? How does wholesale and retail pricing work?

Long story short, we have our price, and you have yours! You make money based on the markup you add to our proposals. We typically recommend a markup of 30–40% from our pricing (wholesale), but we’ll provide retail pricing recommendations with each proposal and estimate.

How do we ensure you’re not stealing our clients?

We’re not in the business of B2C, and—to be frank—we don’t want to be. Basically, that means we won’t steal your clients. But we know, talk is just talk. That’s why we’re happy to sign any non-disclosure or non-compete agreements your agency provides. At the start of our partnership, we’ll also sign and share our bi-lateral non-disclosure agreement to protect each party’s assets and proprietary work.

We don’t have any clients right now. Is that okay?

Absolutely! We’re in the business of helping your business grow, so we see a real opportunity when a partner has no clients.

We don’t have many clients right now. Is that okay?

Of course! We’re here to help you grow your business, so having a couple of clients is a fine place to start.

We’re not interested in selling marketing services — we just need it for a few people. Can we still partner with you?

Sure! However, if you only plan to onboard a couple of clients with your digital marketing program, you lose exclusivity rights in your specific region. For more information, see “How do I know I’m not competing with other agencies for your services?

Our client is starting from scratch. Do you help with product and brand launches?

Yes! It’s not something we discuss on our website since each business idea, brand, and product launch is so unique. If your client is starting from scratch, here are some things that we’re able to provide right off the bat:

  • Market analysis
  • Keyword and competitive analysis
  • Content recommendations
  • Target audience research and persona development
  • Market Q&A / direct research
  • Brand planning assistance (brand voice, messaging guidelines, etc.)
  • Press Releases (PR)*

*We assist with some components of PR but rely on trusted partners to work with CDNs (content delivery networks) and distribute content.

We already offer some marketing services. Can we still partner with you?

Absolutely. The services we offer can be 100% customized to fit your needs—even if it means we only help with SEO for website development. As your needs change over time, we’ll change with you.

Why do we need to apply to become a partner?

Okay, we’re picky. We want to work with agencies and individuals that share the same mission and drive as our team and support what we believe in. Your application helps us quickly identify promising partners vs spam and non-compatible companies.

When are you available for support?

  • 7:00 am–7:00 pm, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
  • While we’re available before and after most working hours, we trust that you’ll accommodate scheduling issues and schedule meetings in advance.

My clients handle sensitive information. How will we deal with that?

  • Receiving and sharing: Our bi-lateral non-disclosure agreement covers all files and sensitive information shared by the client: We will not share sensitive files outside of our organization. We are, however, happy to sign additional agreements that protect your clients’ sensitive information.
  • Storage: Data Driven Marketers has recently upgraded our Box storage and communication systems to enable more secure protocols. For expanded security, we recommend (and can help with) configuring a secure brand platform for your client(s).

What makes Data Driven Marketers different from the hundreds of other white label providers?

  • First and foremost, we believe that our work—and our duty—is tied specifically to the client’s satisfaction and results, meaning whatever is discussed and shared has meaning. We work hard, play hard, and remain professional all hours of the day.
  • We’re data driven. Each of the decisions we make and optimizations we implement are tied back to hard metrics and the client’s goals. You can feel confident that we’re not superfluously spending budget or unintelligently making change.

How do I know I’m not competing with other agencies for your services?

  • Data Driven Marketers has identified 325 unique regions/one-agency only type deals. If you partner with us as your primary digital marketing provider, you’ve claimed territory. We will not partner with other firms within the region.
  • While we understand your business expands beyond local constraints, we feel this is the best way to provide exclusivity.
  • But you don’t achieve exclusivity (or territory) if you only partner with us on a few services. You may lose exclusivity if retention is lower than 75%.

We have our own CRM & project management system. Will you be working within those platforms?

  • If that’s what you want, yes. However, to work within your CRM and project management system, we’ll need an @yourcompanydomain.com email, CRM login with the new email, project management system login with the new email, and training with the system’s support teams and/or your team.
  • If you don’t have a CRM or project management system, no worries! We’ll use our own software and tools to maintain our project load.

Do you refer clients to us?

Yes! We’ll automatically refer clients that land in your region to you for graphic design and printing services.

Do you offer strategies?

Yes! In fact, all clients that have a spend of over $1,500/mo will receive custom quarterly strategies that outline what work we’re planning, our primary targets, and more. Strategies are also available upon request (single project).

We have our own templates that we’d like to use for reports and proposals. Is that okay?

Absolutely. If you’ve already created these templates, we’ll ask that you revise the template to fit our data points. If you haven’t already created the templates, we’ll provide you with sample proposals and reports to create your design. We will not import data points into your custom templates.

What if we’re not happy with your work once we start?

We’re all about transparency and real relationships. If, for some reason, we’re not clicking, we’ll implement an offboarding plan for you and your clients. If an issue comes up throughout our partnership, Data Driven Marketers will enact a 2-week separation timeline and implement a fair remedy for the issues flagged (if any).

My clients are super hands on. How will that work out?

If they’re hands-on, great! After we determine what communication will look like (if any) between the client and Data Driven Marketers, we’ll learn about the client’s unique interests and expectations with involvement.

My clients don’t like being involved. How will that work out?

If they’re hands-off, that’s fine. We’ll lean heavily on your team to collect assets and conduct communication when necessary.

Explore our white-label digital marketing services

Improve your bottom line, introduce new marketing services that your clients request, and expand your agency by partnering with Data Driven Marketers. Our core services, strategy and fulfillment, are designed to accelerate the success of your team and improve deficiencies that your agency is experiencing. All strategy and fulfillment work we provide is white-labeled and retrofit to your brand standards.

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