Data strategy services

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We offer an array of data strategy services that enhance your insight into the customer experience and organize the plan to reach, educate, and sell your clients. Many services can be ordered on-demand (no long-term contact & quick turn around), or bundled to support your company’s long-term growth and accomplishment of your team’s digital marketing KPIs.

Businesses we’ve impacted

Logos for Kaiser Permanente, alpha graphics, American Leadership Academy, Voices for CASA children, and Heliae.

Marketing and business development consulting

Talk to experienced data strategists, data analysts, and marketing experts. We bring our expertise in digital marketing and business intelligence tools to evaluate your needs, answer direct questions and concerns, and align your ideas with actionable strategies. 

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  • Hour and a half (1.5) virtual meeting
  • Meet with our data or marketing strategist and your dedicated project manager
  • Invite important team members and stakeholders
  • Discuss anything related to your business, your goals, your team, and your marketing plan
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Discuss a data report during a consulting meeting


  • Hour and a half (1.5) virtual meeting
  • Meet with our data strategist and your dedicated project manager
  • Invite important team members and stakeholders
  • Prepare for data storytelling and in-depth insight into the shared report
  • Discuss anything related to your business, your goals, the report, and your marketing plan
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Data analysis

Gain the insight you need to move your business forward. Our data analysis services utilize industry-leading tools, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMrush, Audisense, Sparktoro, Ahrefs, DeepCrawl, Screaming Frog, and more, to analyze your competition and current brand performance. Your organization can expect raw data exports, designed presentations of the data, and easy-to-follow data and marketing recommendations from Data Driven Marketers.

Market analysis


Where do you stand compared to your competitors? What marketing efforts have your competitors run over the last 12 months that contributed to their market growth? What does your brand need to do, spend, and execute to gain digital market share and increase overall leads? All of these questions and more are answered and delivered in a beautifully designed presentation deck. Work with DDM to conduct a full market analysis with up to 19 competitors and 3 key cities, regions, or states.

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Competitor analysis


Preview recent competitor marketing efforts and receive a detailed comparison of their websites vs. your website. DDM’s competitor analysis dives deep into what your brand can be doing to increase online market share (site traffic), smoothly transition new clients from their current provider, and website updates that will position your brand ahead for lead generation. Our competitor analysis includes up to 4 key competitors.

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Social analysis


What’s happening on your social media channels? You see views increasing, but are people taking action? What are the steps to boost your posts (through paid or organic messages) and see a return on your investment/time/team? DDM’s social analysis analyzes your brand’s active social media channels to assess what’s performing well, what failed and why, and to provide actionable recommendations that you can implement within the week.

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SEO analysis


DDM’s SEO analysis delivers site audit results related to missing SEO features on your site (from SEMrush) and expert evaluation of content, media, and user experience. Our focus is to identify high-priority SEO fixes and to recommend SEO improvements that will boost your rankings with target customers.

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Site audit/technical SEO analysis

$600 per month

Get the value of SEMrush, Screaming Frog, and DeepCrawl site audit tools without the steep monthly cost. DDM’s site audit/technical SEO analysis exports and organizes key fixes from all platforms into a handy, easy-to-follow report on a bi-weekly basis. Additionally, once per month, your business will receive a domain overview report for insights into site performance and ranking keywords.

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Accessibility analysis


Quickly assess and view where your website or brand experience stands in terms of accessibility and ADA compliance. We specialize in identifying and planning the fix for accessibility concerns which may impact the sales ability of all site visitors and jeopardize your brand’s trustworthiness or compliance status. ADA analysis costs vary depending on the size of your website and the complexity of your ADA compliance needs.

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User experience (UX) analysis


Learn where and how to improve user experience on a particular page or group of pages that impact a product or service sales journey. DDM’s expert UX analysis shares content recommendations, page layout and design recommendations (with design mockups), and automation software review related to the purchase journey. User analysis costs vary based on the number of pages being analyzed.

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Data management

Add data engineers, data analysts, storytellers, marketing strategists, and business development specialists to your team by partnering with Data Driven Marketers. We strive to fill the gaps for businesses by providing ongoing, modern, and data-driven management of data related services and tools.

Google Marketing Platform setup


Quickly empower your team with data insights by launching Google Marketing Platform for your brand. Google’s integrated solutions have no ongoing costs unless your enterprise has advanced and custom data needs. DDM’s one-time Google Marketing Platform setup includes Google Analytics 4 (GA4) enablement, Google Tag Manager configuration, testing, and deployment, Google Search Console verification, and Google Business Profile (Google Maps) optimization. To further support your brand in this package, DDM will enable and connect provided tracking scripts to the web site and Tag Manager, configure Bing Webmaster Tools, and optimize Apple Business Connect (Apple Maps). If your business already has some platforms enabled, we’ll spend our time testing and optimizIng your business’ presence and internal integration with the tool.

Learn about GA4 migration

Custom tracking setup

Varies, $300 per hour

Utilize DDM’s data management team to enable any form of custom tracking on your website. We’ll enable tracking on your website, test event recording, and deploy changes as needed.

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Analytics QA

Starting at $300

Are you having issues with your current tracking codes? Is Google Analytics or GTM not working as expected? Hire our data engineers on-demand to analyze and fix issues related to Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and other common site tracking tools to get your system working within the week.

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Analytics training

$150 per hour

Whether you need a crash course in Analytics 101 or a deep dive into a specific knowledge gap, Data Driven Marketers can provide training tools and resources that are customized to fit your needs and learning style. Get hands-on help from a human who is passionate about transforming data into actionable business insights.

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Custom report setup

Starting at $3,600

Business analytics tools are unmatched, but they may not be the best resource to review data insights on a daily basis. Work with Data Driven Marketers to customize a report in Looker Studio (or a data intelligence platform of your choosing) that benefits your team during marketing meetings, stakeholder discussions, and brand discussions. All data is sourced from GA4 and your business’ tracking tools, but we design your report to feel like your brand and provoke business discussion. During our kickoff call, we’ll determine exact data points that your business needs to see. Definitions of marketing terms will be added to each report page as well as a date range selector to fit the data to your needs when the custom report is ready to present.

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Monthly reporting

$900 per month

Data Driven Marketers’ monthly reporting service provides a monthly preview and expert analysis of what went well on your website, what failed, and what we can learn from. Through your custom report or with DDM’s monthly insight report, your business will gain a deep understanding of customer behavior and marketing performance to plan for the upcoming month and season. Review call is optional.

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Quarterly or season-over-season reporting

$1,200 per quarter

Through your custom report or with DDM’s quarterly insight or season-over-season report, your business will see the quarter or season in full review. Gain insight into the success of marketing campaigns and efforts, and/or see how shifts in your business have impacted website traffic and returning customers. DDM’s quarterly or season-over-season reporting will be personalized to provide valuable insights related to your business’ goals. Review call is optional.

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Custom reporting


DDM’s data engineers and analysts can bring your business value in personalized ways. Talk to us to explore custom reporting setup, management, or maintenance options.

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Keyword research


Do you know what keywords your customers are searching for? Does your website answer these questions? Does your digital marketing strategy align with your industry’s search trends? Partner with Data Driven Marketers to answer these questions and receive insights from digital marketing experts. Use our keyword research to formulate your content strategy and help your website be SEO optimized to rank above competitors.

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Keyword research & page mapping


Take your keyword research to the next level with page mapping. Using data insights from your website, DDM will complete keyword research and provide keyword recommendations that are customized to each page of your website. Keywords are selected based on competition and volume to help guide your content strategy for increased website traffic and SERP ranking.

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GA4 training


Learn about Google Analytics 4, Google’s new standard for website analytics tracking and reporting. Our team thrives on learning and sharing information. Hire Data Driven Marketers to explore GA4 in a fun and approachable way and ask GA4 questions directly to our data engineers.

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Google Marketing Platform tools we use

Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 (GA4), Google’s newest data collection and analytics program that allows websites to view customer behavior, is here. DDM will help you setup GA4 and install it on your website. We will also exclude 20 company IP addresses from the start of your tracking to provide a clean view of customer traffic.

Google Tag Manager (plus other tracking scripts, if provided)

To maximize insight and understanding from GA4 data, DDM will setup tracking Google Tag Manager (GTM) events on your website. These events will include phone calls (anyone who clicks on your business’ phone number), form submissions (completed form submissions related to your business, service, or product) email clicks (anyone who clicks on your business-related email addresses), and direction requests (anyone who clicks on an address or Google Maps/Apple Maps link), and three (3) custom events of your choosing. Custom events may include an integration with your call tracking numbers, CRM, and/or a marketing tool like MailChimp or Hubspot. With no additional cost, DDM will implement three (3) other custom HTML tracking scripts to appear in your GTM container on the site.

Google Search Console (and Bing Webmaster tools)

With GA4 and GTM enabled on your site, verifying and populating the data for Google Search Console (and Bing Webmaster Tools, a Microsoft owned SEO tool) will be a breeze. DDM will quickly setup these search engine tools, submit your sitemap.xml file for site indexing, and submit the top 100 URLs that bring business to your site to boost and start controlling your SERP.

Google Business Profile (and Apple Business Connect)

How do you maximize when your business listing shows up on Google Maps (and Apple Maps)? Can you improve what your business is known for, and the the total # of visitors who go to your location? Partnered with DDM, expect a strong impact in the quality of your Google Maps and Apple Maps visitors within 3 months. Our Google Business Profile (and Apple Business Connect) setup service provides an optimized guide to what information will exist on your Google Maps and Apple Maps listings, and expert execution of publishing the info.