Your no bulls%&t partner in marketing.

We help businesses craft data-driven strategies that result in phone calls, form submissions, demo requests, lower CPAs, measurable growth, & higher ROI.

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Search Engine Marketing

The world of SEM is vast and, for many, intimidating. Partner with us to navigate SEM best practices and launch effective paid marketing campaigns.

Local SEO

Are you helping your clients gain rank and drive local traffic? Maintain their Google My Business listings? Work with our local SEO specialists to continue your local SEO efforts or launch an aggressive local campaign.


We can confidently say that content writing is a challenge for all. Utilize our content specialists to create an SEO-focused strategy, develop new landing pages and blog posts, or bulk-order pieces for a new website launch.

Search Engine Optimization

The 200+ page ranking factors, periodic algorithm updates, and user search trends can feel impossible to keep up with. Work with our SEO strategists to launch, nurture, and track success organically.

All Things Web

Hiring an entire web department or expanding your offerings to cover all things web can be expensive. Work with our web developers to take the strain off of a new website launch, or to maintenance your clients monthly.

Social Media

Social media is a hit or miss for many agencies and their clients. Organize your social strategy and execution with our team of copywriters and social media experts.

Rave reviews from agency partners


Data Driven has been a huge asset to R Squared Graphic & Web Design with support, training, and SEO results. They have also been great support with web messaging and strategy. Katheryn / Data Driven Marketers are the best and have a very nice logo to boot.

- Rick R., R Squared


What do I love about Data Driven Marketers? They are so good at what they do that I elected to drop 100% of my paid advertising last year—I just don’t need it anymore. We took a content-rich approach to our website and brand marketing, and it has worked wonders for visibility and patient conversions.

- A. B., AFD Community Network

An expansion of your team

Data Driven Marketers offers something unique to agencies, designers, and creative teams—a no bulls%&t partnership. We’re here to fill in the gaps with content, search, development, and automation, providing training and expert services (not just recommendations). Our team works in conjunction with yours to launch campaigns and new websites on time.

How we collaborate

It’s our mission to empower our partners —not compete for business. In fact, we don’t define ourselves as an agency because, well, we’re not. We operate/provide two levels of service: strategy and fulfillment. Select our services based on your agency’s needs and collaborate with us on a level that you’re comfortable with.

Content strategy

Receive valuable insights and a content plan that drives traffic and increases engagement.

Web architecture

Understand what pages are important to promote and what pages are important to create.

Local SEO strategy

Gain insights into competitior strategies and local SEO best practices to elevate your local rank.

SEO strategy

SEO can be more approachable and actionable with our detailed search engine marketing strategies.

SEO recovery

Recovery from a major loss in organic traffic is possible with our detailed insights and action plan.

Paid strategy

Receive direction and support as you launch your PPC campaigns. We assist with Google Ads, Social ads & more.

Social media seeding

Work with us to develop a successful social media seeding strategy for new or existing clients.

Content development

Work with our expert copywriters to develop new content based on your strategy. Content can be ordered in bulk.

GMB & citation management

Grow or maintain your client’s local search rank by sourcing Google My Business (GMB) and citation management work.

SEO optimizations

With your direction and strategy, our SEO specialists will conduct optimizations & track the success of each campaign.

Paid media management

Don’t leave your ads on auto-pilot. Work with our experts to launch and maintain your paid text and display ads.

Social media management

Grow your social media fan base and publish content that elevates your SEO/SEM efforts by partnering with us.

Website development

Work with our web developers to bring your design to life. We offer full-development services, user testing, & more.

Website maintenance

Leave the busy-work up to us. All maintenance requests will be processed and updated quickly. Web retainers can be managed by us.

A clear view of wins, challenges, and strategy

Did you know that our partners operate out of a single portal? Get the full view of your SEO/SEM client’s performance by visiting a single, magical link. No waiting, no hiding. Stay in-the-know by visiting your portal.

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