We make marketing work.

Data Driven Marketers makes marketing work for sprouting agencies and creatives by providing white-label strategy and fulfillment services. No—we’re not an agency. We’re a leg up, a hand out, and a shoulder to lean on.

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Our history & experience

Our team has been through it all—working for in-house marketing teams, small businesses, enterprise-level marketing groups, and agencies. Collectively, we have over 50 years of direct digital marketing experience. While our history in the space is vast, we’re not slowing down our operations or education in digital trends and changes.

When you partner with us, you’ll get the best of both worlds—a team that’s knowledgeable in changes and trends and motivated to achieve client KPIs through modern marketing tactics and best practices.

Organizations we’ve served

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Our mission & vision

Our mission is to educate, optimize, and empower sprouting agencies and marketers who share the same mission and drive as our team. We know that the digital marketing landscape is tough to compete in—that’s why we’ve modeled our business to work with and directly support agencies and teams that want to expand their services. Through data analysis and excellent customer service, we’ll become a reliable branch of your team and help you build loyal, lifetime customers.

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“Digital doesn’t have to mean competition. Our vision is to partner with agencies and marketers that value and deliver honest, automated, and effective work.”

Rave reviews from agency partners


Data Driven has been a huge asset to R Squared Graphic & Web Design with support, training, and SEO results. They have also been great support with web messaging and strategy. Katheryn / Data Driven Marketers are the best and have a very nice logo to boot.

- Rick R., R Squared


What do I love about Data Driven Marketers? They are so good at what they do that I elected to drop 100% of my paid advertising last year—I just don’t need it anymore. We took a content-rich approach to our website and brand marketing, and it has worked wonders for visibility and patient conversions.

- A. B., AFD Community Network

Explore our white-label digital marketing services

Improve your bottom line, introduce new marketing services that your clients request, and expand your agency by partnering with Data Driven Marketers. Our core services—strategy and fulfillment—are designed to accelerate the success of your team and improve deficiencies that your agency is experiencing. All strategy and fulfillment work we provide is white-labeled and retrofitted to your brand standards.

Our core values

Real relationships

We strive to build real relationships with each of our partners, clients, and team members. Why? We envision ourselves as a recognized and accepted part of your team!

As an expansion of your team, call, text, email, and Slack us when you have questions or ideas.

Simple experiences

We believe simplicity is the key to a good customer experience, effective design, and increased sales. Working as an expansion of your marketing department, we simplify your world by managing and maintaining talent, systems, and processes to make your experience better.

Data-driven & trackable results

It’s in the name, we’re data-driven. To provide you with insight into what we’re doing, how it’s helping your business, and to strategize solutions that matter, we provide you with trackable results. Expect monthly reports, regular touch-bases with the team, and easy-to-understand takeaways from Google Analytics and other data-sharing tools.

Our team

Empower clients & expand your marketing expertise—we’re hiring

Yes—we’re hiring! If you’re passionate about empowering your marketing clients, exercising your skills, and expanding your marketing expertise, we encourage you to apply! Our team is constantly expanding and evolving. We’d love to see your skills applied.

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