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Google Analytics 4 (GA4) has already replaced Universal Analytics (UA) for data tracking across your website (you may recall Google Analytics’ urgent emails and countdown timer for the end of UA tracking in July 2023). The next urgent date is now on the horizon: Starting in mid-2024, all of your data collected from UA will no longer be accessible. But not to worry—there’s a way to preserve this critical data, and Data Driven Marketers (DDM) has the expertise to keep your information flowing and your strategies driving business with our GA4 migration service.

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  • We help you make the switch to GA4 properly. Ensure your GA4 account is set up the right way with full GA4 migration, including Data Stream configuration, account structuring, and GA4 Google Tag Manager (GTM) event tracking. Your business can’t continue to grow through Google Analytics if you can’t track who your customers are or where they come from!
  • We export and save historical data. After June 30, 2024, your Universal Analytics data will no longer be accessible. Preserve the investment your company made in Universal Analytics with up to 10 years of valuable data exports and comprehensive reporting to easily sort and analyze the most important metrics. All exports are delivered as an Excel or PDF file.
  • We offer online reporting for five (5) years. Your Universal Analytics data can be accessible and visualized for five (5) years, as long as you have an active Gmail account. We offer online reporting through Looker Studio as part of our GA4 migration service and focus on the most important metrics that have led to a 93% success rate in DDM’s marketing strategies since 2017.
  • You’ll work with a team that has your back. The move from GA4 to Universal Analytics can be challenging. Whether you’re new to analytics or a seasoned data pro, our team is here to guide you through the switch. We help you understand how to use the metrics of GA4 to take action in your business.
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What do I get?

Available Universal Analytics data before it’s deleted

What does it cost?

Whether you need to have analytics set up for the first time or you just don’t have the time to deal with Google’s GA4 migration demands, our comprehensive package takes care of everything for you. Start your order or request a consultation.

one-time fee

How much time does it take?

Your time commitment is minimal for this GA4 migration project. We’ve created the perfect package to make this as effortless as possible and get you up and running with actionable data on your websites and apps. Download the timeline.

8-20 days

GA4 Migration and Universal Analytics export package overview

DDM’s GA4 migration service, Universal Analytics exports, and Looker Studio reporting preserve the years of data that your business has collected using Universal Analytics. These critical metrics drive your marketing strategies by providing a complete picture of your website over the last ten (10) years or when your company first enabled Universal Analytics tracking. Without a complete picture, you’re just guessing what visitors need to see to become a customer.

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Learn where your users are customers are coming from

  • Traffic by in-market segment interests
  • Traffic by location
  • Traffic by browser & OS (i.e., this would become “What browser and OS is most popular among past website users. This data may change your approach to web development and/or user interface and user experience improvements (UI/UX design).”)
  • Traffic by devices
  • Traffic by hour of day
  • Location tracking
Screenshot example of Looker Studio pageview trends.

Visual Looker Studio example of location tracking

Screenshot example of Looker Studio conversion behavior.

Visual Looker Studio example of conversion behavior

See who your customers are

  • Age & gender visitor totals
  • Traffic affinity interests
  • New vs returning visitors
  • Conversion behavior
  • Assisted conversion behavior

Understand how well your website is performing

  • Trend of unique pageviews
  • Trend of top-performing pages
  • Assisted conversion behavior
  • User behavior flow
Screenshot example of Looker Studio pageview trends.

Visual Looker Studio example of pageview trends

Let DDM help you with your UA exports, UA reporting, and GA4 migration to ensure you can continue to use data to inform your strategies, grow your online sales, enhance your web presence, and improve your customer’s journey.

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The benefits of GA4 migration

  • It gives you cross-platform tracking. Before GA4, user data on apps and websites was tracked separately, making it frustrating and harder to strategize necessary next steps in your marketing plan. This is no longer the case—users are tracked across all platforms, making this information easily accessible and usable.
  • Advanced metrics are more accessible. Tracking engagement is now tailored to your product more than ever. UA focused on tracking page visits, and GA4 now tracks all user interactions as events ↗. GA4 migration allows for a more robust data stream to better measure and understand the impact your marketing is having on your customer.
  • You get a more focused customer journey. GA4 travels through your site with your customer, accounting for all of their clicks and engagement until they complete a conversion event.
  • Data sampling is a thing of the past. Making strategy decisions with incomplete data can send your marketing team down the rabbit hole. GA4 migration eliminates data sampling so you can collect unlimited data that informs your strategy with complete customer metrics.

The benefits of saving UA data

  • Retain marketing data comparisons from the time you set up Google Analytics to the present day. By exporting data, you can perform custom analyses using tools like Looker Studio for data visualization. This can provide a more comprehensive view of your data with more flexibility to tailor data reporting to your specific needs and business goals.
  • Tap into important user interest data that is no longer available in GA4. Some data metrics, such as user interest data, will not be available in GA4 due to increased user privacy standards in the tool. Retaining this data can help you make assumptions based on historical information that will lead to deeper insights and a better understanding of the factors that could be influencing your data performance.
  • Preserve company history and the web data collected. Exporting data allows you to analyze historical trends over longer periods. This can be valuable for understanding seasonality, identifying patterns, and making informed decisions based on historical performa

What you can expect

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First, we start your GA4 migration ↗ by exporting the data that has been collected from UA into downloadable Excel spreadsheets—so you never have to worry about losing your historical data. Then, we create an online report that’s easily accessible and shareable via Looker Studio. This report allows you to visualize your website’s metrics and continue to strategize the best way to market your business.

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Next, we ensure that your GA4 is set up correctly. This can be overwhelming, and there are a lot of places where this setup can get off track. We know what to look for to ensure that your data is collected correctly and you’re seeing what’s most important to your marketing strategies.

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Finally, we complete your GA4 migration by setting up Google Tag Manager (GTM) events to track important actions across your site. You definitely want to know how many forms are being submitted, who’s watching your introduction video, and how many people are calling directly from the website. GTM ensures you have that information at your fingertips so you can pivot your strategies or ride a wave of conversion success.

Request GA4 migration services consultation
Request GA4 migration services consultation

How much time is left?

Complete your migration before July 1, 2024, when Universal Analytics data is expected to be deleted.

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Steps in your GA4 migration and UA export project

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Step 1: You order the report and share important details.

Data Driven Marketers’ GA4 migration services start after your purchase and submission of business details through our online purchase form or at the end of your GA4 migration order meeting.

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Step 2: Data Driven Marketers gets to work.

When you complete your GA4 migration purchase and provide necessary business details and temporary accesses, here’s how we get to work:

  • We export your UA data into a downloadable Excel spreadsheet or PDF document that we share with you. We believe you should have full access to own your data! Expect an email with this download 5–7 business days after your purchase.
  • We create your Looker Studio report to visualize your data. Your Looker Studio report will be emailed along with your data Excel report. We also provide you with a link that’s accessible for five (5) years and can be shared with your entire team. This online report allows you to sort by date range and channel. Requested customizations can be made to your Looker Studio report for an additional fee (billed after the initial Looker Studio report is emailed to you).
  • We provide a comprehensive report with easy-to-understand visualizations that helps you make sense of your data. This is your data—we don’t keep your information, and we don’t hold it hostage.
  • We ensure that your GA4 migration is set up correctly.

Data Stream configuration

GA4 migration provides event-based tracking rather than the session-based tracking that was part of UA. Event-based tracking gives us more data because we have the ability to track how users interact with websites, including links, form submissions, and video playbacks.

Getting these settings right allows GA4 to link to other platforms (Google Ads or Google Tag Manager) and collect the data that’s most important to your marketing strategy goals.

  • Provides new tracking mechanism on their site
  • Integrates with GA4
  • Essential for GTM events

Account structuring

GA4 migration allows us to filter out website activity from specified IP addresses so that data from these users won’t appear in your reporting. This helps prevent metrics from being skewed by data teams and other internal team members who may access and interact with your site regularly. We ensure your account is structured by:

  • Implement IP filtering
  • Configure with the correct domain
  • Establish on your website

GA4 Google Tag Manager (GTM) event tracking

GTM gives companies the opportunity to track data past the basic click. Learn more detail about your event clicks, who’s clicking on your phone number, form submissions, and more. GTM isn’t automatically installed with your GA4 migration, and this product needs to be set up correctly to gather the data your business needs.

  • Configure custom event with data stream ID
  • Maintain privacy from customers, establishes connection to GA4
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Step 3: We review the report together.

After your purchase, DDM will email you with available wrap-up call times to review your exports and reporting (between 8–20 business days after your order is placed). Even though we geek out on metrics, our service is approachable! During our review meeting, we’ll help you understand what you’re looking at and explain the data in ways that you can use to drive your business.

Use the calendar below to schedule your order

Please schedule a 30-minute meeting to place your order for Data Driven Marketers’ GA4 migration and Universal Analytics export service. During this call, we will initiate your service contract, finalize our project timeline, and schedule the next steps.


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Why DDM? Data-backed insights from a team that cares

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Data Driven Marketers is fueled by data, user insights, and reporting—after all, it’s in our name! From strategy creation to budget recommendations and content planning, data drives everything we do.

Using the very same data points you get in your Looker Studio reports is what has made DDM successful and continues to drive our business and our 93% success rate. Through data visualization, we helped a company turn around their two-year downturn of traffic with a refreshed SEO strategy. We brought back their organic traffic and impressions, and so far in 2023, we’ve further increased traffic and impressions by 30%! Wow, we love what we do!

At Data Driven Marketers, we thrive on helping SMB owners and enterprises make data-driven decisions to benefit their business.

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GA4 migration FAQs

Do I have to migrate to GA4?

Yes. Universal Analytics (UA) is no longer collecting data for your site. On July 1st, 2024, UA will no longer be accessible, and without migrating to GA4 and exporting your data, you’ll lose all of your metrics.

Is GA4 better than UA?

GA4 does many things better than UA, including privacy controls and more granular data collection. Your data won’t be imported as part of your GA4 migration, so it’s important to preserve your historical data before UA is no longer accessible.

What’s included in your GA4 migration package?

  • Export of data from UA into a downloadable Excel spreadsheet
  • Online Looker Studio report with access for five (5) years
  • Complete configuration or review of GA4 settings to ensure it’s set up correctly
  • Setup of Google Tag Manager events to track important actions across your website in GA4

What if I’m not currently utilizing UA? Can you help with a fresh GA4 setup?

Yes! Complete your purchase for full GA4 setup.