Significant increase in leads for Patrick Riley Air Conditioning, Heating, and Plumbing

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DDM quickly turns the tide for a Phoenix-area HVAC, plumbing, and electrical company with a marketing strategy that yields a 68% increase in phone calls. What targets can DDM help you hit? »


Patrick Riley Cooling, Heating, & Plumbing (now Patrick Riley | Isley’s AC, Heating, Plumbing & Electrical ↗) provides air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and electrical services to residents in Phoenix, Arizona, and surrounding cities. Supported by a large, experienced team and a strong local reputation, Patrick Riley | Isley’s assures its customers top-of-the-line, speedy services when emergencies arise or general maintenance is needed. 

Their challenge

Visitors to the HVAC website were dropping off at alarming rates in 2021. To remain competitive in a tight market, they needed a marketing firm that could dive deep into their data, identify the most impactful adjustments to make, and turn their numbers around. That’s when they turned to Data Driven Marketers (DDM) to get them off to a strong start in the first quarter of 2022. They had one major goal: increase website phone calls from quality leads.

DDM's solution

Data Driven Marketers’ (DDM) approach focused on three key areas:

SEM management

  • Google Ads creative
  • Google Ads campaign management
  • Custom call tracking enablement

SEO web maintenance

  • Google Business Profile listing management
  • Citation claims
  • Traffic loss mitigation strategy implementation

Content management

  • On-site content optimizations
  • Frequent landing page and blog post development
  • Social media strategy development & weekly social content creation

The payoff? Phone call leads increased by 68%

Phone call leads increased by 68% in 2022.

DDM’s strategy began with a comprehensive analysis of Patrick Riley’s historical data and the state of their online presence at the time. After completing a thorough investigation and using data to drive decisions, the team developed a targeted digital marketing strategy to help meet Patrick Riley’s goal of increased phone call leads. After implementing DDM’s moving forward with the marketing plan , Patrick Riley experienced a 68% increase in phone call leads when compared to data provided by their previous marketing agency.

Phone call leads increased by 68% in 2022.

There were an average of 40 online leads per month.

244 form submissions were tracked over 6 months

There were an average of 40 online leads per month.

As part of DDM’s comprehensive strategy research, we realized that Patrick Riley’s Universal Analytics account was not set up for form tracking events. We corrected this issue in Google Tag Manager to ensure complete and accurate tracking of major website events. With this improvement, Patrick Riley was able to realize that they received 244 form submissions over a 6 month period from marketing efforts- that’s 40 online leads per month!

Patrick Riley | Isley’s AC, Heating, Plumbing & Electrical continues to see high levels of marketing success by partnering with Data Driven Marketers. Learn more about our ongoing partnership by reading our 2022-2023 Patrick Riley case study.

Is your HVAC or home service company facing a similar challenge? What are you hoping to see during your next busy season? Partner with Data Driven Marketers to inform your marketing strategy, increase your customer engagements, and drive new online leads (phone calls, form submissions, chat requests, and more).

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