White label digital marketing services for your clients (what we’ll do behind the scenes for your agency)

By partnering with Data Driven Marketers, you can improve your bottom line, introduce new digital marketing services, and expand your agency’s capabilities—all without the work. We can customize and retrofit our core white label digital marketing services (see the full list of options below), strategy, and fulfillment to your brand.

Why choose white label digital marketing?

Today’s clients demand digital marketing options to expand their reach and drive new business —and the pandemic has increased the need for quick digital marketing that works. These pressures have hurt agencies and marketing groups that don’t offer all the bells and whistles of digital marketing—clients are changing providers left and right to find that “all-inclusive” provider.

Data Driven Marketers can help you respond to those pressures by giving you the ability to increase your service offerings (and let’s be clear—that also means increasing your revenue) without the normal costs, growing pains, and frustrations that come along with hiring an in-house marketer. And how does that make life easier for your clients?? By teaming with us, you can become their all-in-one shop—providing what they need, when they need it. And what do you get out of it? You can pick and choose how we work with clients, what we deliver, and brand our deliverables as your own.

Okay, really, we’re being conservatve. The biggest thing you get out of working with us is you win more business.

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Analytics & tracking support

When you work with Data Driven Marketers, you can be sure that we’ll track anything that can be tracked. Leverage our team to help your client get set up with analytics and tracking, clean up tracking errors and other issues, and finally, understand analytics reports.

Our analytics and tracking support services include configuration, integration, testing, deployment, reporting (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and more), trends tracking, and more and cover the following platforms:

  • Google Marketing Platform (Google Analytics, GA4, Tag Manager, Search Console, Optimize, and More)
  • Bing Webmaster Tools, Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Hotjar Heatmap Tracking
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Comprehensive analytics reporting & data storytelling

All of our marketing agreements include monthly reporting and data storytelling calls are included. That means you and your client(s) will know exactly what’s going on with their websites. And while our reports are comprehensive, we’re focused on delivering clean and easy-to-understand metrics. If you need executive reports, board meeting reports, and one-off analytics reports, all you need to do is ask.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) & content strategy and fulfillment

At Data Driven Marketers, SEO is no joke. When you partner with us, you get strategic, organized, and effective SEO campaigns that start with well-researched and tailored strategies. Contact our team directly to view SEO reports and strategies for a better understanding of our SEO services and how they can impact your business. Here’s a list of our SEO capabilities:

  • Keyword research and website audits
  • Comprehensive audience research and market research
  • Detailed SEO strategies and campaign roadmaps
  • Sprint (accelerated) SEO strategies for short-term projects
  • SEO strategy fulfillment
  • Ongoing SEO maintenance
  • Internal linking recommendations
  • Backlink outreach through organic PR strategies
  • Foundational optimizations (after website launch)
  • Website SEO speed improvement
  • General SEO consultation
  • Content strategy and content writing
  • Short-form SEO copywriting
  • Long-form SEO copywriting
  • Product SEO copywriting
  • Content editing & management
  • Custom, in-depth SEO reporting
  • SEO recovery from penalty or algorithm update
Local SEO Marketing Icon Illustration

Local SEO strategy and fulfillment

Local SEO services are different from our SEO services. We offer the following local SEO services in addition to local SEO outreach and business brand building:

  • Google My Business configuration and management
  • Local SEO management
  • Top tier citation outreach
  • Event digital marketing
  • Community building (traditional marketing)
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Search engine marketing (SEM) strategy and fulfillment

To us, search engine marketing encompasses everything but SEO and the web. We’ll ensure your client’s SEM strategies are on point and follow their sales funnel, primary PPC goals, and more. Our SEM strategy services include:

  • In-depth keyword research and targeting strategy
  • Display & paid ad audit
  • Audience insight and market research
  • SEM strategy creation
  • SEM sprint strategy
  • SEM strategy fulfillment
  • Google Ads / Bing Ads recommendations
  • Google Ads / Bing Ads configuration
  • Google Ads / Bing Ads maintenance
  • Google Ads / Bing Ads management
  • Programmatic display marketing recommendations
  • Programmatic display ad configuration (banner ads, video ads)
  • Programmatic display ad configuration
  • Programmatic display ad management
  • Ad copy creation
  • Ad creative development
  • General SEM consulting
  • ROI/CRO recommendations
  • Landing page development (copy, design, dev)
  • Custom, in-depth SEM reporting
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Web development and web maintenance

If your agency isn’t already offering web development or web maintenance services, we’ve got you covered. Our team of developers are focused on quick and bugless development. You can customize the following services to meet your agency’s and your clients’ unique needs:

  • Website performance audit and recommendations
  • Website design mockup creation
  • Website development
  • Website custom element creation
  • Website landing page creation
  • Website maintenance
  • Website debugging
  • Complete website management
Social Media Marketing Management Icon Illustration

Social media strategy and fulfillment

Help your clients grow their social presence and social authority with our white label social media marketing services:

  • Hashtag research
  • Trending topics reports
  • Social media strategy (organic and paid)
  • Social media sprint strategy
  • Social media content roadmap
  • Social media copy creation
  • Social media automation
  • Complete social media management
  • Social media consulting
  • Social media account configuration
  • Social media page optimization
  • Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn Ads recommendations
  • Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn Ads configuration
  • Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn Ads maintenance
  • Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn Ads management
  • Social media maintenance
  • General social media consulting
  • Custom, in-depth social media marketing reporting
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Email marketing strategy and fulfillment

Email marketing—the king of marketing communications—is included in our white label marketing services for full-service clients. The following services are included:

  • Email marketing platform configuration and management
  • Email template creation and management
  • Email list contact management and segmentation management
  • Email content creation
  • Regular email sending management

Explore how we’ll help your agency

You’re here for a reason. Whatever that reason may be, we help you offer your client MORE by doing the marketing they need behind the scenes. Now that you know how we’ll help your clients, explore how we’ll help your team.

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