We make marketing work.

Data Driven Marketers makes marketing work for small and growing businesses by providing no bulls%&t digital marketing services. No—we’re not an agency. We’re a leg up, hand out, and shoulder to lean on.

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Our history & experience

Our team has been through it all—working for in-house marketing teams, small businesses, enterprise-level marketing groups, and agencies. Collectively, we have over 30 years of direct digital marketing experience. While our history in the space is vast, we’re not slowing down our operations or education in digital trends and changes.

When you partner with us, you will get the best of both worlds, a team that’s knowledgable in changes and trends, and a team that’s motivated to achieve your marketing goals through modern marketing tactics & best practices.

Small businesses we’ve served

Our mission

Our mission is to educate, optimize, and empower sprouting businesses that share the same mission and drive as our team. We’ve modeled our business to work with and directly support teams that want to expand their digital marketing services. Through data and excellent customer service, we’ll become a reliable branch on your team and help you build loyal/lifetime customers.

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What our SMB partners are saying


Data Driven and Katheryn have been an amazing team to partner with, they have excelled our goals and assisted with implementing some key tactics in a short turn around time. Our website is seeing the results and that is the proof of their expertise. Not only do they bring detail and skill, Katheryn is great to work with. I truly feel that they are an extension of our marketing department.

- Shelley B., Heliae Development


I really can’t recommend the team at Data Driven Marketers enough! Stellar communication and reports I can understand, cutting edge technologies and up to date marketing strategies that work, perfectly executed business planning, professionalism, respect and tremendous work ethic- just some of the things that make these guys the best at what they do- hands down.

- Adam. B., Arizona Foot Doctors

Our core values

Real relationships

We strive to build healthy relationships with each of our partners so that we’re recognized as part of their team. We also don’t limit our help to office hours. Our phone lines, email, and chat is open beyond the 9:00 – 5:00 pm time stamp.

Simple experiences

Simplicity is the key to effective design, higher engagement, and healthy communication. We simplify all resources we provide as well as the campaign launch process to make your experience easier.

Trackable results

Data is everything. To track campaign results, prove our marketing efforts, and decide logical “next steps,” we look to Google Analytics and other data sharing tools. Monthly training and review sessions are offered to all agencies and marketing professionals.


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Katheryn Myle

Chief Marketing Officer 

Katheryn Myle is an organizational leader, applying her skills and drive to help entrepreneurs grow their agencies. She is the founder of Data Driven Marketers, finding inspiration after bridging the partnership between AdCellerant and Phoenix New Times, serving over 52-agencies and 300 SEO clients.

Prior to AdCellerant, Katheryn lead search operations at a Scottsdale-agency and various corporations and launched her own small business (Melody & Keys Music School).

Kami Pollvogt

Chief Customer Officer  

Kami Pollvogt is a leader in customer/user experience (CX/UX) strategy, helping entrepreneurs learn, design, and implement solutions to create compelling experiences for users of business products, services, and digital solutions.

Prior to becoming a CX/UX strategist, Kami was a Transition Change Management and User Experience Program Manager for Intel Corporation specializing in change initiatives, software solutions, and user experience improvements in support of successful employee transition/adoption of business-related changes.

Danielle Lujan

Digital Marketing Generalist

Danielle Lujan a creative problem-solver and strategic thinker with a passion for helping others succeed. She’s excited to use her skills to improve digital marketing efforts. Prior to working in digital marketing, Danielle worked as a graphic designer in the education industry and managed web content for GoDaddy.

Emma Soley

Brand/Social Media Marketing Manager 

Emma Soley is a passionate and driven marketer with a specialty in branding and social media. As a cusp Millennial and Gen Zer, she has an affinity towards social media and loves tracking trends across all platforms. Whether you’re wanting to discuss branding, social media, or both, Emma is always ready to help bring your vision to life.

Prior to working with Data Driven Marketers, Emma worked primarily in the startup industry in Austin, TX. While working alongside small tech companies, she found a passion for helping entrepreneurs succeed.

Sean Rooney

Lead Developer

Sean Rooney is an experienced engineering manager with a passion for technology and entrepreneurship. His strong technical management and web development skills have transformed the success of many businesses nationwide.

Prior to transitioning his career to web development and technical web management, Sean was a systems engineering manager in the Healthcare IT industry, working at the largest electronic medical record (EMR) software provider, Epic.

Kirstin Repar

Medical Content Specialist

Kirstin Repar is a skilled and knowledgable physiology student at UofA that applies her education to assist in medical content writing, revising, and optimization.

While Kirstin’s goal is to become a physician’s assistant, she’s excited to play a role in local physicians and medical centers’ content. She ensures that each piece is patient-focused and designed to help providers reach their target audience.

Empower clients & expand your marketing expertise—we’re hiring

Yes—we’re hiring! If you’re passionate about empowering your marketing clients, exercising your skills, and expanding your marketing expertise, we encourage you to apply! Our team is constantly expanding and evolving. We’d love to see your skills applied.

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