We help small businesses drive sales through no bulls%&t digital marketing.

Driving sales, in-store traffic, and lifetime supporters for your small business is no easy feat. How do you reach new and existing customers—and on a limited budget, no less? And how do you keep consistent traffic coming to your shop or website? These questions are just the tip of the iceberg.

What are the larger issues lurking below? Well, businesses have had to shift their strategies because of the global pandemic and are facing more obstacles now than ever. Some brick-and-mortar stores have had to embrace digital marketing to drive their business and find new customers—which is stressful and, for some, unknown territory.

Data Driven Marketers is here to make small business marketing simpler. We’re passionate about helping small businesses (SMBs) thrive with our no-bulls%!# marketing approach and clear-cut process to elevate traffic, sales, and rank. Here’s how we do that:

Why we care & how we’re different

Prior to Data Driven Marketers, our founder, Katheryn Myle, was struggling to see new students at her Mesa, Arizona music store. Not only did this hamper the practice’s growth, but it forced other teachers to find second (and for some,) third jobs. Digital marketing was critical at this point. She knew the store’s road signs, car decals, and foot traffic weren’t enough to support the staff.

With a vision and goal in mind, Katheryn partnered with several marketing agencies and freelancers (spending thousands of dollars), only to end the contracts disappointed and in the same rut—she still needed new students!

The lack of results led Katheryn down the SEO/SEM rabbit hole, learning everything from the ground up to try and support the school. Many trials and errors and sleepless nights learning Google Analytics and all things digital marketing sparked a new passion. Through data-driven insights and a deep understanding of all marketing platforms and channels, Katheryn could make marketing work. Roughly a year and a half later, Katheryn’s marketing efforts (with the support of the team!) secured the livelihood, pay, and passion of the seven self-employed music teachers.

Katheryn’s desire to help her own small business is what now fuels her love for digital marketing and all things web. At Data Driven Marketers, we want to drive results so that your business can flourish and you can support your team.

To help SMBs avoid the disappointment and lack of clarity that Katheryn experienced with other agencies, we provide data-driven and no- bulls%&t reports and strategies for small businesses. We customize these reports and strategies in plain language for small business owners, stakeholders, executives, and boards of directors and provide a clear picture of

  • What you can expect
  • When you can expect it
  • Why we’re proposing this plan (What data points us in this direction?)
  • If our work is working (Are we doing our jobs?)

Data Driven Marketers is a digital marketing company for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Learn how we can help your small business by connecting with our team.

About our team & clients we've served

Collectively, our team has over 30 years of direct digital marketing experience working with in-house marketing teams, small businesses, enterprise-level marketing groups, agencies, and/or creative agencies. As we see it, our team is an extension of yours.

Trackable Marketing Results Graphic of Woman Analyzing Metrics

We drive trackable sales for SMBs

SMBs need to track who is going to their website and if those people are turning into actual customers. Are they visiting the store? Placing an order online? Calling you? Submitting a form? Before starting any work, we’ll make sure tracking is set up and that we can see sales and conversions (online leads) in real time. We’ll also evaluate and improve how a customer interacts with your business online, driving additional, trackable sales to your door.

To keep you in the loop and show you if our marketing is working, we’ll provide clear and detailed reports that highlight:

  • Overall website traffic
  • Your online audience (Are we driving qualified leads to your door?)
  • Total number of sales or leads you received that month
  • Content wins we tracked throughout the month
  • New insights we uncovered and our action plan to attack any issues

Feedback from the small businesses we support: 

“Your reporting is the reason why we partner with you (in addition to driving us sales, of course!) Your reports are super detailed but we can actually understand them. Thank you, your work is great. We look forward to the next call!”

Our reporting helps business owners know what’s going on with their various marketing channels, helps us spend the budget efficiently, and shows you how our data demonstrates our work is succeeding. View a sample report.

We offer services that optimize small budgets

Our approach to local SEO and small business marketing eliminates the need for big budgets and big spending. For one of our clients with a $975/month budget and a $4,000 website redesign, we drove their cost-per-lead down to $9.68. Their average order ($300) x 427 online leads we drove them? That’s a $409,065 return on investment (ROI).

Our marketing services are focused on supporting small businesses with small budgets. Count on us to optimize your budget through thoughtful and strategic research, marketing, and reporting.

Audience research

We’ll figure out who your customers are, what social channels they actually use, and what content they’re interested in to optimize our time.

Competitor research

We’ll research what your competitors do (and what they don’t do) to strategically position you in the market. We’ll highlight your core services through terms they’re not optimizing or targeting.

Comprehensive analytics & tracking

Using tools like Google Analytics and DashThis, we’ll provide easy-to-understand monthly reports. These tools help track everything you need to know around online leads, sales, engagement, and interest.

SEO & content strategy

Our SEO and content services are centered on what your customers need to see before making the decision to buy from your company. Our proven, data-driven approach to gain traffic organically (keyword research, site audits, copywriting, strategy, local SEO, and ongoing SEO maintenance) will boost your ranking on search engines and drive more people to your small business.


We offer data-driven search engine marketing (SEM)/pay-per-click (PPC) ad services to drive immediate sales and expanded traction. Ask us about how we can track in-store traffic with programmatic ads. Here are some of the ways we do that:

  • Google Ads
  • Bing ads
  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat & YouTube ads
  • Programmatic ads

Web development & maintenance

Are you having trouble finding a reliable and experienced web developer to manage your site? Or maybe you’re trying to track down hosting, domains, and who currently manages the site so you can make the updates you need. Work with us to track that information down, improve website performance and site speed, launch new page designs, and keep your business information up to date.

Social media marketing

If you’re working on improving your social media presence and overall reach, trust in our research to guide your profile and content strategy. We help with everything—hashtag research, organic and paid social media strategy, social media page optimizations and maintenance, and content development and reporting.

Email marketing

No need to learn HTML or a new email marketing software—we’ve got you covered! We’ll manage your email marketing campaigns, create the content for regular newsletters, promotions, and/or holiday emails.

What our SMB partners are saying


Data Driven and Katheryn have been an amazing team to partner with, they have excelled our goals and assisted with implementing some key tactics in a short turn around time. Our website is seeing the results and that is the proof of their expertise. Not only do they bring detail and skill, Katheryn is great to work with. I truly feel that they are an extension of our marketing department.

- Shelley B., Heliae Development


I really can’t recommend the team at Data Driven Marketers enough! Stellar communication and reports I can understand, cutting edge technologies and up to date marketing strategies that work, perfectly executed business planning, professionalism, respect and tremendous work ethic- just some of the things that make these guys the best at what they do- hands down.

- Adam. B., Arizona Foot Doctors

We apply our local SEO expertise to drive in-store traffic and increase customer buy-in

The goal of digital marketing isn’t solely to drive online traffic. We’re focused on driving in-store traffic and customer buy-in (“I like this brand and I want to continue to buy from them”) for small businesses through local SEO marketing.

Local SEO is a low-cost marketing tactic to target your local area and to be seen for terms like “[your business services] near me.” Our local SEO experts utilize Google My Business and other tools to target your region to increase sales, customer buy-in, in-store traffic, and local visibility. Ultimately, we use Google My Business to drive engagement and leads. With call tracking through Google My Business and on the website, we’ll be able to report on calls to your store, and—through discussion between our teams—if those calls led to a visit and in-store purchase. Rely on us to manage everything on the backend of Google My Business so you don’t have to. We’ll take the weight of technical SEO off your shoulders.

At Data Driven Marketers, we know that the customer journey starts with awareness. Local SEO combined with SEM tactics, social media marketing, and email marketing strategies will help your small business thrive.

Team with like-minded entrepreneurs

We don’t like to advertise ourselves as a marketing agency—because we’re not. We’re more a leg up, an outstretched hand, and shoulder to lean on. Our marketing team is composed of skilled digital marketers who all have an appetite for entrepreneurship. Together, we’ll help your business grow.

White Label Services Graphic of Team Communicating on Mobile Phones

We discover what marketing services your small business actually needs

Through research, data, and communication with your team, we’ll figure out exactly what you need (and what you don’t need) to help your business flourish.

  • The insights we uncover through audience research direct how we reach your customers by understanding where they hang out online and what content they engage with. Audience research also pulls specifics—including demographics, location, and personality type—allowing us to create targeted messaging.
  • Keyword research data that we pull will help us find new customers while optimizing your budget. We’ll figure out exactly what terms and phrases lead to sales and what’s relevant to your audience.
  • Competitor/market research data is key when it comes to serving your audience and getting in front of competitor listings. We’ll look at what other small businesses are doing and how we can leverage that to improve our strategy.
  • Through structured communication with your team, we’ll learn about your SMB’s goals and expectations. We’ll also touch base regularly to talk about customers, sales, and in-store traffic, and if there are any new initiatives, services, and products you need to add to the mix.

About our predictable pricing model

If you need to scale up or scale down your digital marketing, don’t sweat it! Our pricing model is designed to support what you need and when you need it—with Data Driven Marketers, you’re not tied into expensive or long-term contracts.

Our pricing is below agency averages because of our inclusion of MarTech. We know where to spend our time, and we contract specialists in your industry (copywriters, ad developers, etc.) to support our strategy and deliver accurate content. The way we structure our team allows us to offer affordable and predictable pricing for your small business.

White Label Services Graphic of Team Communicating on Mobile Phones

We’re just plain simple

Our process is easy. We’re collaborative by nature. We hire specialists in your industry to drive great results at affordable prices and employ data-driven marketers that know how to support your SMB. Additionally, we provide resources, strategies, and physical timelines so your small business knows:

  • What to expect and when
  • When we’ll have meetings and what needs your approval
  • When you can expect to hear from us next

Communication is key at Data Driven Marketers, and we want to make sure it’s not a one-way street.

About our team

Collectively, our team has over 50 years of direct digital marketing experience working with in-house marketing teams, small businesses, enterprise-level marketing groups, agencies, and/or creative agencies. As we see it, our team is an extension of yours.

Team leads (who you’ll be talking to!)

  • Your dedicated account manager.
  • Katheryn Myle is Data Driven Marketers’ founder, SEO aficionado, and digital marketing strategist.
  • Danielle is a digital marketing generalist with a creative flair. She loves all things digital marketing and design.
  • Emma is Data Driven Marketers’ brand/social media marketing manager. She’s passionate about social media and has a place in her heart for tracking trends.
  • Ethan is our lead web developer. He’s experienced and passionate about utilizing the web as a tool to help your business grow.
  • Sean is one of our web developers. His experience in web development and engineering management blend with his passion for technology and entrepreneurship.

Areas of expertise

  • Digital marketing for small businesses, service-based businesses, local retail, and home-based businesses.
  • Digital marketing for health and medical organizations, medical products, family medical practices, and family dentistries.
  • Digital marketing for agriculture and mission-based (sustainability, equality, social) organizations, non-profits.
  • Digital marketing for financial services businesses, wealth management, financial advisor, financial software, SaaS applications.
  • Traditional and digital marketing for educational institutions, educational programs.

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