How white label digital marketing works at Data Driven Marketers (and what you should expect from any outsourcing agency)

White label marketing shouldn’t be considered a shady offering. If your agency wants to offer more to your customers but your speciality is in something else, white label marketing can be an effective way to meet your customers’ needs. You can connect your long-term client to quality and trusted services while staying involved and increasing your agency’s revenue. Additionally, onboarding and training new, full-time employees isn’t cheap (for you or your customer)! With a trusted provider, you can accomplish a lot (without investing a lot). If you’re considering white label marketing for your agency, there’s an important question to consider: What should your expectations be for any outsourcing agency?

Expectation setting is a must for any design, creative, or marketing agency looking to outsource services. Otherwise, the quality of work and strategy behind the scenes won’t benefit your customer. Digital marketing, whether it’s coming from a direct employee or white label vendor, is about communication, a deep understanding of your client’s goals, and services that will drive sales.

With Data Driven Marketers, you can expect clear timelines, consistent communication, and digital marketing activities that pay off. We don’t try to hide anything—when you use Data Driven Marketers as your expanded marketing department, you can count on complete transparency and insight into the work we do.

This guide isn’t just about what you can expect from us; it’s about the standard expectations you should have for any white label marketing agency. Plus, we cover these questions you can ask to vet the right partner.

First, what is white label marketing?

White label digital marketing is a way for agencies to increase their marketing services without shifting internal operations. You work with another marketing provider to manage the work, but your branding is on all deliverables, and you’re directing the strategy based on your client’s needs. How and if this agency communicates with your clients and what services you resell are determined before you promote these additions.

There is often a misconception about white label digital marketing being “bad” or “dirty.” It’s not uncommon or dubious, though—it’s a legitimate way for agencies to become one-stop shops for their growing client base.

What should your expectations be for any white label agency?

Some agencies want or need to outsource their marketing to make it easier to focus on what they do best. Onboarding and training new employees isn’t cheap! You have to train them on your processes and your MarTech tools, in addition to managing the quality of work and worrying about turnover. The same issues persist with outsourcing a marketing agency. The difference? There’s less financial and brand risk with hiring an outsourcer. Additionally, with the right partner, your processes and product will change the game—customer retention, satisfaction, and sales will increase. At least, that’s what we’ve experienced! 😉

If outsourcing is the option your agency is exploring, consider asking these questions to set your expectations. Aligning in terms of the process, product, people, and price is a sign that you’re partnering with a trusted white label marketing provider. If a potential outsourcer can’t answer these questions, or if you dislike their approach, you can eliminate that option.

Aligning in process & setting communication expectations that suits both of your teams

  • How does this outsourcing agency manage communication?
    • How fast do they reply to your emails?
    • Do they have fast SLA response times?
    • Do they have the consultative chops to communicate with your client effectively?
    • Do they answer your questions and address your concerns in a strategic and nimble manner?
  • What is their process to onboard a new client?
    • Does it align with yours? Can it improve your onboarding process?
    • Will it make it easy for your customers? (Remember, you know them best.)
  • Do they plan to adapt to your client processes? Merge them? What do they envision the process looking like?
  • What does their timelines look like?
    • When can customers expect to hear from you/them?
    • Do they have a simple timeline you can follow to communicate dates to your customers?
  • Do they bring experience and expertise to your client’s strategy? To your agency’s goals?
    • What value are they providing to your customers?
    • What value are they providing to you? Are they contributing to the growth of your agency?
  • Is your experience with them consistent?
    • Are they consistent across the board, from meetings to sharing important project details?
    • Do they deliver on what they promise?
  • How do they define success? What data do they measure to show your client that a campaign is running successfully?
  • Is the white label marketing provider data-driven? How do they use data to inform their process and services?

Building a product/solution that will help your customers

  • Does the white label agency have “proof” that they can deliver?
    • Have they provided services like this before? Can they talk through that experience?
    • What wins have they driven for customers? Do they have case studies? Data and testimonials to show the value?
    • Do they have experience in your target industries? How will they help your current customers?
  • What are they offering? Does it meet your client’s needs?
    • Do they have prebuilt marketing packages, or do they create a custom solution?
    • How do they know this will be successful for their client?
  • Can they communicate about the product directly?
    • Do they have answers to your questions?
    • Do they accommodate change and innovation?
    • Do they understand what they’re selling? Can they talk though technical SEO/SEM processes?
  • If you’re looking to create a custom program for your agency, are they able to build the offerings with you?
    • Do you have a say in what your customers get? Or what the price is?
    • Can you build a custom program with this potential white label agency? What is unique for you?

Trust in the people you’re working with & a clear understanding of how they’ll contribute to your agency

  • Are you enjoying your experience as a potential client with them?
    • Is your instinct to trust and work with this white label digital marketing provider?
    • Are they supportive of your agency’s mission and goals?
    • Are they pleasant? Do they show empathy and understanding at the right times?
  • Who’s on their team? Who’s involved with your agency?
    • Do they have specialists and experts you’d need to fulfill client work?
    • Do they plan to increase their hiring to accommodate new work?
    • Can you meet involved team members, or are they resistant to introducing their team?
    • Does their team share the same mission, vision, and values? Does it align with your agency’s mission, vision, and values?
    • Where are they located? If they’re not in your state, do you trust in their virtual platform setup?
  • Does their white label marketing team understand your needs and problems you’re facing?
  • Do they outwardly share passion and excitement about the work they do and how they can help?

An achievable price for your customers and a measurable profit for your agency

  • Can your customers afford the cost of the white label digital marketing agency’s services and your markup?
  • Does the outsourcing agency’s price structure allow you to add a margin based on your current hourly rate or service price?
    • What is their price structure?
    • How does their pricing compare to other white label providers?
  • How do they make money, and how do you make money in this partnership?
  • Can you customize the price of your packages?

How white label marketing works at Data Driven Marketers

At Data Driven Marketers, we envision ourselves as an expansion of your team. We’re not just your marketing department; we’re your partner. Data Driven Marketers strives to empower our partners through education and custom services. We offer strategy and fulfillment, easy-to-understand reporting, and customizable services that fit your needs—and everything we work on is branded to your brand.

When it comes to our process, we’re focused on our relationship with you and customizing programs that fit your agency’s needs. We’ll work with you to determine what needs to happen and how we can make your customers’ experience amazing. We’ll even send surveys out to your customers to get their feedback on their experience. We also won’t disrupt the process you have in place—we adapt to it. When you partner with us, you get a team that can seamlessly integrate with your people. We provide clear communication and onboarding, and you’ll even have a dedicated account manager to help you with any questions.

Our product is simple—we provide data-driven digital marketing. We have over 35 years of combined experience and social proof to back us up. We love using our experience and data to provide your agency with digital marketing solutions. We even match your agency’s branding when we hand over our work. We can also scale up or down with your agency as you need! We follow white hat SEO tactics and use data to determine exactly what your customers need.

Our people care. Our team wants to be involved, and you can count on us to respond to your questions in a timely manner! Additionally, we act as an expanded marketing department. Work with our analysts and specialists as well as Biz Dev experts and CX consultants.

Our programs are 100% customizable, so we can adjust the costs to accommodate your customers. We follow an hourly pricing model, so our price to you will always be $120/hr. We recommend you mark up your services to $150–$179/hr, the price range for 52% of all agencies in the US.

We’re a data-driven marketing company

What makes us different? It’s in the name, but here’s the bottom line: We’re a data-driven marketing company. We don’t guess and “see what sticks.” We also don’t “trial and error” campaigns and waste your client’s budget. Data helps us make logical and strategic decisions related to marketing, starting with who we target and where we target them. The reporting we provide your team and your clients will illustrate what we did, why we did it (What did the data tell us?), and the value it’s providing the business.

What are the benefits of white label digital marketing?

Working with a white label digital marketing agency has its benefits. If your current outsourcing agency does not provide the below perks, it’s time to start looking for a replacement. Not only do these benefits impact your agency, but they can be a make or break for your customers.

What we want your customers to say:

“Agency ABC has delivered awesome results! I’ll recommend them to everyone. I made only very minor edits to the content, and their process was simple.”

What we hear from agencies that partner with bad white label providers:

“It was bad from the start. They never responded to our emails or texts, and we ended up doing more work at the end. We’re unsure of partnering with anyone else because of this negative experience.”

  1. You save time and money. With a white label provider, you don’t have to deal with the stress of finding new employees, onboarding, and training them. Spend your time and money on other business development initiatives, on team activities, and/or on your own marketing campaigns.
  2. You gain insights from industry experts. Unlike other white label agencies, Data Driven Marketers hires subject matter experts (SMEs) to support our digital marketing team and advise on strategy. We know that online success starts with E-A-T (Effectiveness, Authority, and Trust), which means informed and industry-specific messaging. On the client side, expect fewer edits and faster approvals by having SMEs on the team.
  3. You expand your team and services, without the cost. Effortlessly expand your team and services without having to learn the nitty-gritty of digital marketing or hiring internally. At Data Driven Marketers, we jump in as your expanded marketing department, expanding your team by 21 marketing professionals and pre-tested processes. Work with us to answer your customers’ questions, to hear the latest and greatest with search algorithm and platform changes, and to grow your agency.
  4. White label marketing is easily scalable. Scale up or down services, depending on your agency’s needs. When you’re partnered with a white label provider, you have the ability to increase fulfillment or decrease overall services based on the state of your clients’ needs. The ability to scale up and down shouldn’t come as a charge to your agency.
  5. Your business or agency can focus on what you’re good at. Leave specific marketing tasks to your white label partner so you can focus on what you do best. At Data Driven Marketers, we help fill in the gaps by offering services you don’t currently have, and we work with your team members to ensure the strategy supports your deliverables.

When should you choose white label digital marketing?

If you’re new to white label digital marketing, you might be curious about when it makes sense to roll out new services. Many of our customers choose to partner with us when they come across one of these roadblocks:

  • Their clients need marketing services that their company doesn’t offer. You’ve had these clients for years. They love your design work and the website you’ve built, but now they’re asking about SEO, SEM, and/or email marketing. With a white label provider, you can help these clients start new services while keeping them under your roof.
  • Past marketing efforts were unsuccessful. If this has happened to you—don’t worry! It’s hard to be successful in a space you’re new to or when you’re managing other services. By choosing a white label marketing provider with proven experience, you can rest easy knowing that your customers’ marketing campaigns are set up to succeed.
  • Their sales are declining, or they need help finding their target audience. If you’re unsure who your target audience is or where and how to target them, then it might be time for your agency to partner with a white label digital marketing agency. At Data Driven Marketers, we help agencies define, research, and sell to their target market, in addition to developing and managing the marketing program.
  • There’s a lack of marketing experience on their team. You have the dream development, design, and/or project management team, but you’ll have to hire out to create a full marketing team. With white label marketing, you can expand your team and bring new insight and expertise without having to hire up.

Final thoughts

You shouldn’t think of white label digital marketing as a back-alley deal—it’s an excellent way to grow your agency and do more for your customers. When you have the right partner, white label marketing can save your company time and money, and it can make your clients happier. (We like it when the results speak for themselves!)

If/when you’re starting to explore outsourced marketing, consider partnering with Data Driven Marketers. Our team is focused on helping your agency—without the bulls%&t. Here’s what that boils down to:

  • There’s no more “guessing and seeing what sticks.” Data drives our decisions and provides a clear direction for your customers.
  • You can expect productive meetings, calls, and same-day responses to your emails!
  • You’re partnering with a team who cares. We’re passionate about what we do, and we’re positive that your team and clients will see that.
  • We report on metrics that matter. No more boring reporting calls—you and your customers will be able to make business decisions based on marketing data.
  • You don’t have to commit to long-term contracts. (We want our results to be the reason why you continue to partner with us!)
  • We hire subject matter experts. Expect accurate, engaging content and messaging that drives sales.
  • Our team members are 100% U.S. based, and we plan to hire within the states indefinitely.

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