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Data Driven Marketers (DDM) is a business intelligence/data intelligence agency specializing in digital marketing. Through data mining and expert analysis, we share the what’s, why’s, where’s, when’s, who’s, and how’s related to your online efforts. In addition to consulting and data reporting, we aid clients with customized content, data, local SEO, SEO, social media, marketing strategy, and web development plans.

  • Find information on our data and strategy services page to learn about what we offer, the cost, delivery timeline, and methodology
  • Visit our about page to see our mission and meet involved team members¬†
  • Reach out directly to discuss your business needs
  • Explore these frequently asked questions to get answers about how we can help

ūüďä Our data

Where do you get your data?

We gather insights from various first-party and third-party data sources, including Google Analytics 4, social media platforms like LinkedIn and Meta, SEMrush, and other industry-leading MarTech tools. These tools use proprietary machine-learning algorithms and merge data from trusted providers to provide high-quality and trustworthy information.

At Data Driven Marketers, we are constantly exploring available and new marketing technology tools to generate and tailor our insights. Before using these tools within business strategies, we research and understand where their data is coming from. Accuracy is tested by comparing database insights. 

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What if my website or brand has no data available?

No data through website analytics tracking

If there is no historical data available on your website, DDM relies on competitor data, geographic data, and our industry expertise to prepare insights and marketing strategies for your business. Depending on your marketing goals, we may enable Analytics tracking on your website for 30 to 90 days to collect insights that inform our proposal.

No data through MarTech tools

If there is no available data within MarTech systems (typically indicating that your business does not appear in top results or have enough site traffic to generate insights), DDM relies on competitor data, market data, and our industry experience to prepare insights and marketing strategies for your business.

Why doesn’t my website have data?

  • Analytics tracking may have never been installed on your site, or disruption may occur where data stops tracking
  • Analytics data may not be accessible because of missing or limited account permissions
    • DDM works with businesses to restore access analytics tools
    • Some accounts cannot be restored because the account owner is a past employee or the individual is unreachable
  • Your website may not appear in the top search results, blocking MarTech tools from ever indexing your website
  • Your website may not appear in any search results, including web searches, paid ad positions, and map packs
  • Your website may not be indexable or findable by users

Does my business actually need data to do digital marketing?

Your business can conduct digital marketing without data insights (traditional marketing efforts have proven that); however, data:

  • Helps teams make informed decisions faster
  • Reports customer activity, wins, and challenges
  • Provides a clear view of who your customer is and what their purchasing habits are
  • Defines who your best customers are and how to reach them
  • Increases campaign results (total leads, website visitors, and more)
  • Increases the quality of online leads
  • Maximizes your marketing budget¬†
  • Predicts results based on your marketing investment and efforts
  • Decreases campaign spending without compromised results
  • Identifies gaps or missed opportunities on your website
  • Identifies compliance issues on your website
  • Shows what your competitors are doing and their segment of leads within your market
  • Extracts relevant customer information
  • Finds opportunities to expand your business and customer base
  • Defines where and how your business can grow into a new market¬†

Long story short, data-driven marketing solves challenges, predicts results, and prescribes solutions to maximize your marketing budget. 

ūüĎ©ūüŹĽ‚ÄćūüíĽ What we do

What services do you offer?

We offer the following digital marketing consulting and execution (fulfillment) services:

  • ¬†Content
    • Brand standards guide creation and management¬†
    • Content outline creation¬†
    • Content rewriting¬†
    • New content development¬†
    • Copy editing/proofreading¬†
    • Content empathy mapping¬†
    • Audience sentiment and personality dimension research
    • Content optimizations (keyword mapping and implementation)
    • Content strategy consulting¬†
  • Data
    • Keyword research¬†
    • Custom reporting creation and management
    • Live reporting dashboard creation and management
    • Monthly reporting and insights¬†
    • Quarterly reporting and insights¬†
    • Analytics and tracking setup¬†
    • Google Analytics 4 setup, management, and human review to reduce tracking failures¬†
    • Analytics and tracking testing¬†
    • Analytics training¬†
    • Google Analytics 4 training¬†
    • Google Tag Manager setup and management¬†
    • Google Search Console setup and management¬†
    • Bing Webmaster Tool setup and management¬†
    • Access to MarTech¬†
    • MarTech consulting
    • Data strategy consulting
  • Data analysis
    • Marketing analysis¬†
    • Competitor analysis¬†
    • Social analysis¬†
    • SEO analysis¬†
    • Site audit/technical SEO analysis
    • Accessibility analysis
    • User experience (UX) analysis
  • Local SEO
    • Google Business Profile (Google Maps) verification/setup and management¬†
    • Google Support management
    • Google Business Profile post creation and management¬†
    • Apple Business Connect (Apple Maps) verification/setup and management
    • Apple Business Connect promotion/update management¬†
    • Citation management¬†
    • Citation buying¬†
    • Local/community influencer connections and content management¬†
    • Local SEO consulting¬†
  • Marketing and business development consulting
  • SEO
    • Keyword research and scoring¬†
    • On-page SEO
      • Meta title and description creation
      • Headline optimization
      • Headline restructuring
      • URL optimization
      • Implementation of strategic internal links
      • Image optimization of photos
      • 404-page management
      • Review and resolution of mixed or duplicate content
    • Off-page SEO (technical SEO)
      • Development of page schema markup¬†
      • Page indexing management¬†
      • Page speed optimization¬†
      • Image ALT text creation¬†
      • SEO plugin management¬†
      • Robots.txt management¬†
      • NoIndex and Index tag management¬†
      • Canonical link management¬†
      • Repairing 4xx and 3xx errors
      • Disavowel of toxic or negative backlinks¬†
    • SEO migration
      • Page mapping and redirects¬†
      • Backlink outreach¬†
      • .htaccess management¬†
      • Page QA
    • SEO consulting
  • Social media
    • Hashtag research¬†
    • Asset management and optimization¬†
    • Organic post creation for
      • Meta (Facebook/Instagram)¬†
      • LinkedIn¬†
      • TikTok¬†
      • Reddit
      • Snapchat¬†
      • Pinterest¬†
      • Twitter/X
    • Reel conception, creation, and management¬†
    • TikTok conception, creation, and management¬†
    • Influencer outreach and communication¬†
    • Partnership and cross-promotion communication¬†
    • Social media ad development and management for
      • Meta (Facebook/Instagram)¬†
      • LinkedIn¬†
      • TikTok¬†
      • Reddit
      • Snapchat¬†
      • Pinterest¬†
      • Twitter/X
    • Social media calendar creation
    • Social media consulting¬†
  • Strategy
    • Sales funnel research, collaboration, and strategy creation¬†
    • Customer asset research, collaboration, and creation¬†
    • Keyword research and implementation consulting¬†
    • Audience research and brand persona creation
    • Country, State, City, zip code, and neighborhood research and targeting strategy creation¬†
    • Quarterly (seasonal) strategy development
    • Market strategy¬†
    • Competitor advertising strategy¬†
    • Social strategy¬†
    • SEO strategy¬†
    • UI/UX strategy
    • Brand recommendations for web/social/traditional media
    • Content/editorial strategy¬†
    • Custom website tool strategy¬†
    • ADA timeline/strategy¬†
    • Marketing strategy consulting
  • Web development
    • Page editing¬†
    • Page publishing¬†
    • Accessibility improvements (following Title III web ADA accessibility standards and UI/UX best practices)¬†
    • Page speed improvements¬†
    • Hosting management
    • Domain Name Server (DNS) and record management¬†
    • Sitemap and navigation planning, domain, subdomain, page, and folder structure
    • WordPress setup¬†
    • Custom element development¬†
    • Website maintenance¬†
    • Website customization/user journey updates
    • Development QA¬†
    • Website debugging¬†
    • Website design and development consulting

Do you only offer marketing consulting and data insights?

No. Data Driven Marketers offers various marketing services in addition to digital marketing consulting, business intelligence consulting, and data reporting. See what services we offer.

Do you create content or only optimize it?

Data Driven Marketers creates and optimizes content for websites, social media, and other business communication platforms. Our content services encompass the following: 

  • Web pages¬†
  • Blog posts (on or offsite)
  • Website promotions, banners, and pop-up text¬†
  • Business descriptions (on or offsite)
  • Social media descriptions or bios¬†
  • Social media posts (organic or boosted/paid)
  • Automated messages for SMS
  • Automated messages for email¬†
  • Email campaigns
  • Google Business Profile posts¬†
  • Apple Business Profile promotions/updates¬†
  • Ad copy¬†
    • Google Ads
    • Display ads
    • Social ads¬†
    • Print ads¬†
    • Billboard ads

Do you manage paid ads?

Data Driven Marketers provides consulting and strategy planning services for paid ads. 

Our strategy services include:

  • Ad conceptualization¬†
  • Ad creative development or feedback/testing
  • Ad content development or feedback/optimization
  • Ad platform selection
  • Ad frequency planning
  • Customer sales journey/campaign sales enablement (from conceptualization to landing page and CRM execution)
  • Ad targeting planning, analysis, and in-platform setup¬†
  • Budget recommendations/development of ad spend plan

We offer insights and consulting for the following platforms:

  • AdMob
  • AdRoll
  • Amazon Advertising
  • Bing Ads
  • Etsy Ads (previously known as Promoted Listings)
  • Facebook/Meta Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Instagram/Meta Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Programmatic ad platforms like StackAdapt and Brandzooka
  • Quora Ads
  • Reddit Ads
  • Snapchat Ads
  • Spotify Ads
  • TikTok Ads
  • Twitter/X Ads
  • Yahoo Gemini
  • YouTube Ads

If your marketing strategy requires paid ad management, we recommend qualified agencies you can partner with.

Do you offer web design and graphic design services?

Not at this time. If your marketing strategy requires a website redesign or custom-designed graphic elements, we recommend qualified agencies you can partner with. Occasionally, our agreements include the cost of a web designer or graphic design vendor to fulfill a specific project. 

What industries do you serve?

Our unique business intelligence services allow us to serve and be successful in marketing all industries. We’ve maintained a 93% success rate in reaching our predicted performance goals‚ÄĒfrom increasing website traffic to generating phone call leads‚ÄĒacross clients over the last seven (7) years who’ve fully executed our strategies.

We have years of proven success in the following industries: 

  • Agriculture and aquaculture¬†
  • Food and retail franchises¬†
  • Health & medical, medical products, family medical practices
    • We partner with healthcare providers who prioritize unbiased and comprehensive treatment options, empowering patients with informed choices
  • Home service, HVAC, landscaping, plumbing
  • Nonprofits
  • PreK-12 education, higher education, trade schools
  • SaaS
  • Small businesses, local businesses, retail brick & mortar stores
  • Towns/cities/municipalities
  • Venues/event management¬†

We do not service:

  • Debt collection agencies
  • Information Technology companies
  • Medical organizations, clinics, and product companies that exclude or limit access to treatments based on religious beliefs or discriminatory practices
  • Religious organizations, places of worship, and/or faith-based businesses¬†
  • Shooting ranges or gun-related organizations
  • Telecommunication companies

ūüďą Working with us

Why Data Driven Marketers over other digital agencies?

  • Data drives our decisions & we report on metrics that matter
  • We‚Äôre people who care & are responsive
  • We hire subject matter experts, invest in professional development, and offer a better kind of agency working environment
  • We conduct productive meetings
  • You own all materials, files, and resources
  • We don’t prepare long-term contracts
  • We DO NOT follow any black hat/bad marketing practices
  • We stay up-to-date on marketing trends and best practices¬†
  • We invest in research & development

What is the proposal process? What happens after I contact you?

After you contact Data Driven Marketers (or vice versa), we will

  1. Kick off our relationship with a discovery meeting
    • During this in-person gathering, call, or virtual meeting, we’ll discuss
      • Challenges your business is facing¬†
      • Details about where you want your business to be¬†
      • Specific marketing and business development goals¬†
      • Current web and marketing performance (or lack thereof)
      • Involved team members¬†
      • Timeline and due dates¬†
      • Other relevant topics¬†
    • To prepare for this meeting, please
      • Invite decision-makers, stakeholders, and/or involved team members¬†
      • Be prepared to discuss what your business needs and the marketing budget¬†
      • Share pertinent details beforehand¬†
    • We consider this discovery meeting a chance to interview and court each other’s businesses. Are we the right fit? Will DDM accomplish your needs?
      • Occasionally, we may identify that our agency is not the right fit for your business. If/when that happens, we recommend qualified agencies you can partner with or suggest what questions to ask other agencies you’re interviewing.
  2. Next, we’ll tour your operations or conduct another meeting to gain deeper insights¬†
    • During this in-person gathering, call, or virtual meeting, we’ll discuss
      • Company details and follow-up questions from the discovery meeting¬†
      • Current customer behavior and sales trends
      • Historical customer behavior and sales trends¬†
      • Target customer(s)
      • Company strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats¬†
      • Business development needs and expectations¬†
      • Sales initiatives and expectations¬†
      • Operational performance and capacity¬†
      • Your finalized marketing budget¬†
      • Point(s) of contact¬†
      • Other relevant topics¬†
    • To prepare for this meeting, please
      • Invite decision-makers, stakeholders, and/or involved team members¬†
      • Review questions shared beforehand (if any)
      • Finalize your marketing budget¬†
    • The information shared during this in-person tour or meeting will guide our strategic recommendations and proposed deliverables¬†
  3. Then, we’ll prepare and present a detailed and straightforward proposal (“Statement of Work” (SOW))
    • DDM’s proposal includes the following details
      • Overview (what led us here?)
      • Detailed service list/statement of capabilities related to this SOW¬†
      • Pricing expiration date¬†
      • Client-provided goals¬†
      • Scope of work
        • Exact deliverables you can expect¬†
        • Delivery date or time frame of the deliverable
        • Estimated hours to complete the deliverable¬†
      • Total estimated hours¬†
      • Total investment¬†
      • Monthly payment (if applicable)
      • Service terms¬†
      • Agreement terms¬†
      • Engagement duration information¬†
      • Payment schedule and rate¬†
      • Cancellation policy¬†
      • Resources needed to start the project¬†
    • When our proposal is ready to review, we’ll schedule an in-person or virtual meeting
    • To prepare for this meeting, please
      • Invite decision-makers, stakeholders, and/or involved team members
      • Block out one (1) to one and a half (1.5) hours of time to ensure your questions are answered¬†
  4. After our review meeting, you’ll receive an email with a Loom recording of our discussion and pertinent documents¬†
    • Pertinent documents include
      • The Statement of Work (SOW)¬†
      • DDM’s Master Services Agreement (MSA)¬†
      • Recommended vendor contact sheets (if requested)
  5. Within 2 weeks, we expect your business to request revisions or sign the proposal. 
    • While our Statement of Work shares necessary marketing activities to reach your goals, we are open to customizing our services and timeline to meet your needs and budget.¬†Any changes to the SOW will be paired with predictive insights related to marketing expectations.
    • We share the Master Services Agreement and final Statement of Work as a PDF and electronic signing link.
    • Pricing typically expires two (2) weeks after the proposal review date.
  6. We start the work.

This process applies to all à la carte or bundled services, excluding consulting (which may be a one-time or recurring purchase with no formal agreement for signature).

Our proposal process moves as fast as you do. In general, you can expect a formal Statment of Work (SOW) within four (4) business days of our deeper-insights meeting.  

Can we work together even though I have a marketing team and/or other marketing vendors?

Yes! The team you’re building will only strengthen our services. During our discovery call, we will ask if there are internal or external partners that we need to be aware of. We’ll also document their skills and capabilities to exclude that from our proposal.

We work well with/our services complement:

  • Internal marketing employees
  • External marketing vendors
    • Advertising agencies
    • Brand agencies¬†
    • Consultants
    • Design agencies¬†
    • Freelancers
    • Media agencies¬†
    • Other specialty agencies

We strongly recommend inviting involved team members and external partners to the following meetings: 

  • Proposal process
    • Discovery meeting¬†
  • Onboarding
    • Project kick off meeting(s)
    • Brand discovery meeting(s)
  • If you bundle services together for ongoing marketing support
    • Deliverable review meetings
    • Design and development handoff meetings
    • Happy hours and outside-of-work gatherings that DDM hosts
    • Monthly or quarterly review meetings
    • Strategy meetings

How exactly will our relationship work?

Think of us as your expanded marketing department, with skills and expertise in data mining, data engineering, data analysis, data reporting, marketing fulfillment, and marketing strategy. We’re not sitting in the same space or office as you, but we accommodate virtual and in-person meeting requests, respond to phone calls and emails within 24 hours (during operating hours), and will collaborate with anyone who reaches out from your company. 

Specifics related to communication are defined in our Statement of Work.

What if I'm not happy with DDM's services?

We do not develop, engage in, or enforce long-term agreements. Instead, we want our partnership to be rooted in mutual respect, achieved predictions, and positive communication. 

With a written 30-day notice (or what’s defined in our Statement of Work), you can terminate our signed agreement.¬†The termination of our agreement will have no effect on each parties‚Äô respective obligations and service terms during the remainder of the 30-day notice; however, upon approval of your business, we may repurpose our remaining time together to provide exports of all work completed throughout the engagement.¬†

How do you protect patient data and sensitive information?

  • Receiving and sharing: Our Master Services Agreement (MSA) protects all files and sensitive information your organization shares
    • We do not share sensitive files outside of our organization
    • Our employment agreement defines and protects the sharing of sensitive information across our organization¬†
    • We can sign additional bilateral non-disclosure agreements that protect your customers’ sensitive information
  • Storage: Data Driven Marketers uses Enterprise Box for complaint and secure document storage
    • The Box product/platform meets the obligations required by HIPAA, HITECH, and the final HIPAA Omnibus ruling
      • Data encryption in transit and at rest
      • Restricted physical access to production servers
      • Strict logical system access controls
      • Configurable administrative controls available to the customer to:
        • Grant explicit authorization to customer files to read, download, edit, lock and password protect files
        • Monitor access
        • Reporting and audit trail of account activities on both users and content
        • Formally defined and tested breach notification policy
        • Training of employees on security policies and controls
        • Employee access to customer data files are highly restricted
        • Mirrored, active-active data center facilities to mitigate disaster situations
        • 99.9% uptime SLA
        • SSAE 16 SOC1 and AT-101 SOC2 Type II Reports
        • Additionally, Box is ISO 27001 certified
      • More information: Box HIPAA and HITECH Overview and FAQ ‚Üó

More questions?

Can’t find the answer to your question? Or perhaps your business has a unique or urgent need. Request a discovery call to connect with Data Driven Marketers.

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