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Over the years, we’ve delivered big wins for our agency partners and their clients. There’s no skirting around it or fibs to tell—the data showcases it all! Download our favorite 2020 white labeled marketing reports to see what we can do for your clients.

A roundup of 2020’s biggest marketing wins

An asterisk indicates that a report is available for review. Some reports are not available due to privacy concerns, and/or it’s something we’re still working on internet-proofing! (All company names, including our partner agencies, have been redacted.) 

We increased an agriculture company’s organic website traffic by 91% year over year.

  • We’re comparing Q4 of 2020 to Q4 of 2019.
  • Alongside the increase in website traffic, our organic SEO efforts drove 185 organic leads during this time.
  • The client’s primary goal was to increase keyword rank for terms related to “regenerative agriculture” and drive brand authority.
  • We offer white-label SEO, SEM, and social media marketing services for our client (agency) and their customer (agriculture company).
  • Our organic SEO efforts started in February of 2020.
  • Our client, the partnered agency, also expanded their web maintenance services with the agriculture company.

We contributed to a major healthcare organization’s increase in flu shot vaccinations over 2020.*

  • Comparing 2020 to 2019, 24% of those getting a flu shot in 2020 did not receive one last year. 
  • The client’s primary goal was to increase awareness, promote education, and drive new appointment bookings.
  • Download the report to view wins with impressions and clicks (Twitter Ads) between September 22, 2020 and November 4, 2020. Conversion data is not available within the report due to the organization’s data policies.
  • We offer white-label social media marketing services for our client (agency) and their customer (healthcare organization).
  • Our social media efforts to promote the flu shot started in September of 2020.

We increased a family medical practice’s local SEO conversions by 18.5% within 6 months.

  • We’re evaluating our work from July 2020 – December 2020.
  • Throughout this timeframe, we tracked a total of 467 calls and 394 appointment requests (Zocdoc clicks and website form submissions) rooting directly from our SEO optimizations and local SEO updates. This was an 18.5% increase from January 2020–June 2020.
  • We fully manage this client’s digital marketing services.
  • Because of SEO wins, we were able to turn off all paid ads in March of 2020 without losing or dropping in new patient bookings.

We drove 48 new leads to a printing company within a single month.*

  • Prior to our partnership, the printing company didn’t see any leads come through paid ads in seven years (largely due to bad analytics tracking and poorly optimized ads).
  • In July of 2020, four months after starting our marketing agreement, we reported 48 new leads (phone calls and form submission) from Google Ads directly related to our work. 
  • Download the executive report to view additional wins throughout July of 2020 related to our SEO & SEM work.
  • We offered white-label SEO and SEM services for our client (agency) and their customer (printing company).

We increased a financial CRM software company’s organic search impressions by 147,157% year over year.*

  • Comparing June 2020 to June 2019, it’s clear that our SEO optimizations and technical website improvements made an impact! Organic search impressions (who saw their website listing on Google) increased by 147,157% year over year and 37% month over month. In July, a total of 312,184 people saw this company’s website listing.
  • Download the monthly report to view wins related to our SEO and keyword rank.
  • We offered white-label SEO services for our client (agency) and their customer (financial CRM software).
  • After presenting this month’s metrics, our client (agency partner) was able to close the deal of managing SEM for this client (financial CRM software).

Download our white-labeled reports

For inspiration, a broad scope of what we can accomplish together, and/or proof that we can deliver, check out our favorite 2020 white-labeled marketing reports.

Final note

We’re proud of everything we accomplished throughout 2020 with our agency partners, but this is just scraping the surface of what we can do with reporting—and marketing, for that matter. If you decide to partner with us, we’ll deliver reports similar to these (and more!) to help your clients understand the work that we’re doing.

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