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We’re here to help people, make the web more useful, and employ skilled and passionate people who want to create a better kind of working environment.

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We’re driven to help

The data makes it clear—digital marketing can work for your business. Our combined 28 years of digital marketing expertise and years of additional business development, client success, and program success experience makes us a unique partner.

We’re driven to help your business forward in every way we can—starting with delivering clear and impactful digital marketing strategies, and extending into marketing training and collaborative projects.

At Data Driven Marketers, we work to help the people we’re connected with, including clients, employees, contractors, and family. The longevity of our brand, the research we’re able to push forward, and the working environment we’re able to create is what drives us.

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The web can be better

We believe that to solve the world’s problems, education and information must be accessible. We’re committed to making the web better with you, with a strong focus on content that your business shares, how it’s shared, where it’s shared, and user accessibility.

Our business is data driven and sets forth all strategies with a deep understanding and care for accessibility needs.

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We employ skilled and passionate problem-solvers

Our core values attract and retain skilled and passionate people. In addition to providing a challenging and respectful work environment for all of our remote team members, we’re creating an environment with continued data and strategy education. We’re supporting actual work-life balance and nurturing wellness with our benefits and written expectations. We’re giving a shit, being ourselves, and shaping team and client offerings as we learn and evolve with the times.

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Real relationships

We enrich our working relationships with honesty, respect, and accommodation.

Straightforward experiences

We work as an expansion of your marketing team, from communication to execution.

Data-driven results

There’s no more guesswork—our data informs and accurately reaches our projections.